Welcome to the Team! Q&A with Original’s New Team Riders

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the Original Skateboards team. Please welcome Sergio Henríquez Insúa, Calleigh Little, Nick Jones & Lambert Bowe! Get to know our new recruits through this Q&A with the crew.

1. When did you start skating?
Sergio: I started skating 4 years ago, when I was 17.
Calleigh: In a past life, my father invented the wheel. I put two of them underneath a smoothed dinosaur spine. After we fermented our first batch of ale, I shotgunned the whole keg butt naked while storming down the nearest pile of sand. I died that day, was reborn here, and started skating again at the ripe age of whenever I started high school.
Nick: I started skating in 2012, so around 5 years ago.
Lambert: In 2011, after I saw a kid Ollie a tree branch on my way to school.

Sergio Henríquez Insúa. Photo credit: Aron Rovers.

2. When was the last time you felt like a total kook?
Sergio: Maybe last week, I went out to skate and I forgot to put the nut on my kingpin…
Calleigh: I thought I was the coolest kid on campus as a freshman in college and funneled an entire 750ml of Bacardi Limon. I then proceeded to wake up in a jail cell. The officer handed me a coat that wasn’t mine and told me to get home safe. I never found out what happened.
Nick: Well I’ve been skating on Penny board wheels for the last month, so there’s that.
Lambert: I don’t really know what a kook means, but I’ve been fly since my foot touched a board.

3. What did you eat for dinner last night?
Sergio: Two hamburgers and beer.
Calleigh: Last night I skated about 60 miles somewhere in Wyoming, had nowhere to stay, camped out in 16 degree weather, and ate a big slice of nothing for dinner.
Nick: I had a bacon grilled cheese and cheese fries.

4. If your style had flavor, how would it taste?
Sergio: Bacon. I don’t know why, but I love bacon.
Calleigh: It would taste like a jalapeno stuffed with ghost peppers and drenched in a pepper jack fondue. Not only would it kick ass, but it would also literally give your ass a kick.
Nick: It would taste like a bacon grilled cheese and cheese fries.
Lambert: It would taste sensational with a hint of flex.

5. Favorite instagram skateboarder?
Sergio: My local homies @ferdiaz_fv and @le.fonte
Calleigh: @hallofmeat
Nick: Probably @hernanjomich… he’s got some STEEZE.
Lambert: @Chrisjoslin_ Dude has heart for miles.

6. Fastest you’ve ever gone?
Sergio: Over 100kph (62 mph), I don’t know exactly how fast but it was sketchy.
Calleigh: Somewhere between 50mph and 1,000,000mph.
Nick: Not sure, but I broke 50 mph!
Lambert: Clocked 43 mph-That’s a big deal in Florida, ok?

7. Worst bail?
Sergio: I crashed into a motorbike once. It was pretty gnarly.
Calleigh: I thought I was the raddest chick in Vermont and hit a gnarly hill in the wet. I hydroplaned and caught a highside, backflipped, then smashed my helmet right off my head, backflipped again, and slid for 150ft right into a guard rail.
Nick: I was going downhill at a whopping 45 mph when I suddenly got wobbles and fell off my board. I landed in a pushup position and slid on my slide pucks and shoes for about 20 feet. My arm got shredded, and I haven’t exceeded 30 mph ever since.
Lambert: 12 stair in downtown when I first tried to get sponsored by you guys. I rolled my ankle that time, but I’ll get redemption.

Lambert Bowe. Photo Credit: Justin Bright.

8. Favorite trick?
Sergio: I prefer a good toeside with a good line rather than a trick. But if I had to choose, FS heelflip for sure.
Calleigh: I’m partial to the “make it down the hill you’ve never seen before” trick. A classic.
Nick: Got to be the strawberry milkshake! My favorite milkshake is also the strawberry milkshake.
Lambert: This is really tough, but I’d narrow it down to double kickflip.

9. Stairs or hairpins?
Sergio: Hairpins! Crazy ones.
Calleigh: Long open roads.
Nick: Stairs all day!
Lambert: Honestly both, but I feel more accomplished after I wreck some stairs.

10. Follow car or rider cam?
Sergio: It depends on the spot and the people going down. I love to be filmed by a follow car and I love to film with the camera while going down.
Calleigh: Follow car for sure. Easier to see the homie in the video bail.
Nick: Rider Cam.
Lambert: The more angles the better.

11. Other Sponsorships?
Sergio: Aera trucks. Urethane burners.
Calleigh: Newton Trucks, Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word, Battle Balm, and Clean Bottle. For my cross country skateboard adventure: Orangatang Wheels, Pro-Tec helmets, Riptide Bearings, MXK Skate, Subsonic Skateboards, and Aspect Board Shop.
Nick: Cloudride Wheels.
Lambert: I dropped everyone when you guys picked me up. I wanted to start fresh, so no.

12. Notable contest wins?
Sergio: None. I suck so bad.
Calleigh: 172 miles – Miami Ultraskate 2016 (2nd Place, Women’s)
188 miles – Chief Ladiga Sk8 Challenge (1st Place, Women’s)
Bend Beatdown – 5k (3rd Place, Women’s)/10k (2nd Place, Women’s)
Adrenalina 2016 – (2nd Place, Women’s)
215 miles – Miami Ultraskate 2017 (2nd Place, Women’s)
188 miles – Chef Ladiga Sk8 Challenge (2nd, Place Women’s)
Central Mass Skate Festival 8 – (1st place, woman’s)
Nick: Never participated in a contest… hoping to change that soon!
(Nick has since won first place in the freestyle contest at the 3rd Annual Briefcase Push Race!)
Lambert: This year, no contests so far. I am undefeated in S.K.A.T.E. though, 5-0. #MayweatherStatus

13. Aspirations and goals?
Sergio: Have fun on my skateboard, meet new people and travel around the world.
Calleigh: I want to organize a route for long distance skateboarders to race across the USA-like the cyclists do in the Race Across America-and begin record keeping.
Nick: My biggest goal is to still be able to skate 30 years from now.
Lambert: Get hired by Original, Go pro for Original and Adidas, and open skate parks in every state in America with after school programs for kids.

Calleigh Alice.

14. Longest distance ever skated?
Sergio: 45 minutes / 1 hour going down a crazy hill in the canary islands.
Calleigh: Across the USA.
Nick: I once skated from West Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles and back. Probably totaled around 20 miles.
Lambert: From Tampa, Florida to Brandon, Florida. A whole damn city away.

15. Furthest you’ve traveled from home?
Sergio: Last year’s Eurotour. I made it to Croatia.
Calleigh: On a skateboard-Starting from my home, 138 miles in 14 hours. In a plane-Bend, Oregon.
Nick: I once went to Anchorage, Alaska with my family. That was pretty far.
Lambert: Atlanta, thanks to the hurricane.

16. Local skate crew shout-out?
Sergio: Sliders house! Best skate house on the game.
Calleigh: Shout out to my girls Kelsey (Mika) Smith, Zoey Vagner, and Katie Edwards. We represent a small crew of introverts in the North County San Diego area.

17. Favorite spot to skate?
Sergio: It’s hard to say. I think everything in Tenerife for downhill skateboarding, and Barcelona for street skating.
Calleigh: Any road that isn’t chip-sealed. Seriously. I don’t even care if its uphill. Big shout out to Idaho for having the worst pavement in the history of any US state, ever.
Nick: The Parthenon! Not the one in Greece…there’s a replica near my house in Nashville and it’s very fun to skate!
Lambert: I haven’t been there yet, but there’s a place in Spain called MACBA. That’s my favorite spot already.

18. Best pickup line
Nick: “Heeeeeeeey.”
Lambert: Hi, my name is Lambert. I ride for Original Skateboards.

19. Who’s your biggest role model/favorite skater?
Sergio: It used to be Byron Essert, but a lot of new names have appeared in the last few years like Dylan Hepworth, Oscar Gutierrez, Patrick Lombardi, Dominic Schenk, and Ian Freire.
Calleigh: Every single girl who puts a helmet on and hucks themself down a hill is my personal hero.
Nick: Hans Wouters for sure!
Lambert: Chris Joslin. Dude has heart for days.

20. What’s unique about your style?
Sergio: I don’t know. I don’t try to make it different, I just try to enjoy it the most.
Calleigh: I wear Supergirl everything- I relate to the fact that Supergirl was thrown into American society as an alien and expected to conform to societies standards of being a woman. I try to be Supergirl in everything I do. Also, I’m wicked good at shotgunning beers, and I like to think thats my style.
Nick: I think my style is a nice combination of technical flip tricks and creative no-comply tricks.
Lambert: Besides the obvious that’s its my style, I feel like its unique since I skate any and everything. I can wreck a skate park, then go destroy a hill, and then turn around and finesse some flatground-right after I just taught someone how to dance on a longboard.

Nick Jones. Photo Credit: Stratton Horres

21. What’s your dream job? Why?
Sergio: I would really love to be part of a skateboarding brand. Something like designer, tester, team manager… It would be the best to have my full-time focused on the skateboarding.
Calleigh: I would like to be an interstellar bounty hunter one day.
Nick: My dream job is getting paid to longboard, travel, and film/edit longboard/skate videos.
Lambert: Going pro is my dream job. Being able to get paid to do what you love would be insanely unimaginable. Once I’m pro, I know I can have a huge impact on the longboard/skate scene. Since it’ll be my main focus, I won’t have to go to work then use what time was left of the day to skate. I want to spread the stoke and get people hyped about boards, doing videos, giveaways and showing people the more therapeutic side of skating.

22. Tell us a joke.
Sergio: I wish you were beer.
Calleigh: You know that when you say the word “poop”, your mouth does the same motion as your bum hole? The same is true for the phrase, “explosive diarrhea”.
Nick: Rollerbladers in skate parks.
Lambert: What do you give a pumpkin that’s trying to get off drugs? A pumpkin patch.

Well, there you have it. Original invested in a wild bunch of rippers this year. Sergio, Calleigh, Nick and Lambert define longboarding with their own flare and unique expertise. Look out for these riders’ fast-food flavoring and general pizzazz on the racetrack and the open road.

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