Vecter 37 Complete Beetle


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Pictured Setup: Caliber II 50 Deg 184mm Black, 78a 72mm Divine Street Slayers

Stock Setup: Bear Grizzly 181mm black trucks, Radius Sata Slide 70mm 80a Wheels, Cell Select Bearings

979 in stock

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High Speed. Revolutionary Construction.

Hypothetically speaking, what if we wanted a longboard that could take us downhill, but also allow us to initiate a more aggressive, long, controlled slide. Again, hypothetically speaking, what if we wanted revolutionary construction, like quad axial fiberglass, to give us a kinky concave that locks in our feet for fast riding, while also inspiring us to go for anything because the longboard is made stronger, making your riding stronger. No need for hypotheticals; the Vecter 37 is a reality.

Work it Harder. Make it Better

The concept behind The Vecter 37 came from the strong revolutionary construction of the Apex longboard line, but the execution was different; this time, we wanted to push the envelope on downhill and freeride, so we made the Vecter 37 from 5 ply northeastern maple sandwiched with quad-axial fiberglass, making it one of the strongest downhill longboard skateboards on the market. We wanted it wide, but not too wide, so we made the 9 inch board 0.5 inches wider at the foot placements to compliment the 0.70 inch mid drop. That shiz gives your feet that super cozy locked in feeling and pushes you in all the right ways to confidently initiate stronger slides at faster speeds.

Vector 37 Specs

The Devil is in the details. Here’s how the Vecter 37 stacks up.

  • Dimensions: Length: 37″ x Width: 9.5″
  • Wheelbase: 25.5″ to 28.0″
  • Concave Depth @10″: (.7″)
  • Concave Shape: Mid Drop to Angled Tub
  • Rocker Depth: .1″ Rocker
  • Mounting: Multiple Brackets / Flushmount
  • Contruction: Quad-Axial Fiberglass + 5 Ply Maple
  • KickSpecs: Improved Nose/Tail Flairs
  • Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back: 0.0 / 0.0

Work it Harder. Make it Better.

Dat 0.70 inch Cave. The Vecter 37 makes everything you do easier, faster, and stronger. The Vecter is the next level implementation of the concave concepts that we developed during our work on the Apex DiamondDrop and Maven, BUT the Vecter is steeper and deeper. With a lucky 0.70 inch concave that starts earlier and locks-in-hard later and a full length brick shape (no end to your efp), the Vecter lets you get creative with zero fear of flying off. The Vecter 37 longboard skateboard tops that off because it is an #ultradeepdamnnearwheelbiteproof flushmount. Your trucks get to ride at their intended geometry, while you get to ride bigger wheels without fear of wheelbite. Built strong so you can get fast.


Must See Downhill/Freeride Videos.

1 review for Vecter 37 Complete Beetle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donny Williams

    The concave of the Vecter 37 kept my feet locked in during a rainy day at the Ithaca slide jam. I am a rider of novice downhill skill and never rain skate, but I felt in control on my RDVX grip tape and Vecter deck. I ride my Vecter 37 with Caliber II 50 degree trucks and purple Orangatang Skiffs. I spend the most time freeriding with my set up.
    The Vecter has multiple mounting options to give you a short 25.5 inch wheelbase perfect for manuals and shuv-its, or you can extend your trucks out to a stable 28 inch wheelbase for stability at high speeds. The Vecter’s Diamond Drop concave keeps my feet locked in for backside checks and big frontside 180s. It is nice to see the great concave from the Apex series put on a stiffer deck meant strictly for fast freeride and downhill. Now riders can utilize the Diamond Drop concave shape to its full potential.
    I would recommend the Vecter 37 to anyone looking for a stable downhill deck with great concave and a good-looking graphic selection. The Scarab Beatle is badass!

    -Donny Williams, Team Rider

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