Upgraded Freeride 41 Rocker Setup!


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This Upgraded Freeride 41 Rocker Concave Complete is Setup With:

– Satin Blue Paris V2 50 Degree 180mm Longboard Trucke – Blended Hill Performance and Slide Initiation

-Blood Orange Liam Morgan 70mm 80a Durometer- Smoother Slides

-Cell Primes Built-In Spacer Longboard Bearings – Performance Longboard Bearings

-Custom Laser Cut Freeride Grip + RDVX (2 sheets of ultra-course grip) – For a Fresh Look

996 in stock

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The beasts are back and they are better than ever. Thanks to acclaimed comic book artist, Anthony Marques, the Freeride Beasts have made a total transformation and have completely came to life as warriors of time and space. Each Freeride has something special to bring to the table, are you ready to unleash your inner beast?

Free The Beast! Jump on the Freeride 40 Rocker Concave and begin your own Evolution. The Freeride 41 comes mounted with Paris V2 Satin Blue 50 Deg 181mm trucks for a combination of hill performance and slide ease. Blood Orange Liam Morgan Wheels 70mm 80a Durometer paired with some Cell Primes complete this slide ready complete package. Grab yours today, and free your inner beast!


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