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Stock Setup: Original S10’s, Radius Sata Ride 65mm 80a Wheels, Cell Selects Bearings

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Classic pintail shape. True pintail performance.

Ousting the former big boy of the Original lineup, the Pintail 46 comes in 2 inches longer then the Custom 44. Designed on the classic Pintail shape and featuring art by acclaimed surf artist, Joe Hodniki, the 46 boosts big hill performance by combining the widest Original trucks and a stiff 9 ply deck for an uber-stable ride. The result is a longboard designed for the steepest hills or mellow flatland carves. Just make sure your ready when you step into the ring, the Pintail 46 goes in swinging.

Feel the Need for Speed.

Gotta feel the wind in your hair? Pick up a set of upgrade bearings to get your lovely locks fluttering in the breeze.

Pintail Perfection


An inspiring surf graphic by Joe Hodniki, rests snugly on top of the Pintail 46’s solid 9 ply construction. The additional layers give the board the rock-hard stiffness to support heavier riders despite such a dominating wheel base. The end result; a board that performs steadily when other decks might waver.

Party Like It’s 1999.

Into dancing? This gentle giant has more leg room then the back seat of a Cadillac. Plus the added stability from the wider trucks and stiffer deck make it a perfect candidate for walking up and down the length of the board. Grab you date and get out on the floor. Everyone loves to dance.

Perfect 10

The Pintail 46 was designed specifically to work with the largest of the Original S Series carving trucks. Just like the symbiosis between sharks and ramora, sea anemone and clownfish, or Nile crocodile and Egyptian plover, Original S10, 250mm, carving trucks and the Pintail 46 just plain work well together.


With such a plethora of choices, Original’s wheel diversity could be compared to the bio-diversity of the rain forests of Papua New Guinea. With longboard wheel selections from the top manufacturers in the industry, you can find what you need to match your ride situation, or more importantly, your outfit. In a world where diversity is key, don’t make the mistake of getting stuck in a longboard monoculture.


Original’s Pintail 46 comes finished with high quality, super sticky, laser cut grip, featuring Joe Hodniki’s signature that compliments the pinstripe top graphic. Personal attention is given to assure that your premium grip job is as good as it gets, leaving you no reason to gripe about your grip.

The Bearing Straight.

Or Imakpik, as its known to locals, is said to be the location of the migration of hominids to the North American continent during a time of lowered ocean levels during an ice age when a greater portion of water was locked in glaciers around the world. If they had some high end bearings on the Original longboards they brought with them, they could have made the trip in half the time.


  • Dimensions: Length: 46″ x Width: 9.5″
  • Wheelbase: 30″
  • Construction: 9 Ply Northeastern Maple
  • Deck Weight: 5.4lbs

Strengthen your ride.

Wide, long, and low is the name of the game for the Pintail 46. Designed for stronger riders looking for a stable ride, the Pintail 46 is a powerful performer that keeps its cool at higher speeds and on the steeps

Lower than Low.

This is a caged beast waiting for a break. A heavier, stiffer, deck combined with Original S10, 250mm, carving trucks, allows the 46 to command a healthy respect from those silly enough to take it for granted. Like a velociraptor testing the fences for weakness, the Pintail 46 will keep you on your toes at every turn.

Nine Times a Lady

A larger wheel base requires that the Pintail 46 utilize a full 9 plys of hard maple for deck construction. Though this adds some weight, the stiffness it gives the deck will be a pleasure for larger riders or for those who require the stability those 9 plys provide. Don’t worry, Mother Nature won’t mind. Each one of those plys are sustainably harvested, as are all of our other veneers at Original.

That’s Pretty Low Mister.

The Pintail 46 is dropped down, mounted without a riser, keeping this cruiser as low to the ground as possible. Lower center of gravity means more stability. More stability means you’ll ride through the crux of the run instead of pitching off at 40mph.

Wishing Well.

Wish you could upgrade to some larger wheels? No worries there either. Dished out wheel wells on the Pintail 46 deck allow larger wheel clearance for upgrade versatility to cater to any situation. Match this deck to a set of wide, grip-tastic wheels and watch your edge-hold ability skyrocket.

Brick by Brick.

From beginners to advanced riders, mountain passes to local hills, the Baffle is your board for sliding.

Predictable Stability.

Mellow on the flats and stable on the hills the Pintail 46 has wider trucks that grip when transferring energy from rail to rail allowing riders to push the high end envelope.

Pintail Perfection.

It rides big and it rides powerful when you need it to step up and carry you through a tight squeeze. It lives a mellow life on the flats where it seconds as a dancer and beach cruiser. In the end, the Pintail 46 is a Jack of all trades, but truly excels when the big hills and steeps come calling.

Anchors Away.

As a mellow performer on flats and gradual hills, the Pintail 46 can sail around your local streets with ease. Beginners will love the comfort and stability it offers, while advanced riders can smooth out their footwork when not powering down those 13% grades. All ships must make berth somewhere; feel free to moor this vessel in your own personal slip.

Fish City.

Just like the time Crocadile Dundee came to the big apple, the Pintail 46 can survive the wiles of life in the city. It might take some time to settle into the new urban routine, but this is one tactful board. Equipped with the right leather jacket, hat, and friendly attitude, the Pintail 46 will find its way, even though it may look like a fish out of water.

Make The Drop.

Big waves are steep, big banks are steep, and both require a board designed to handle the powerful riding that is needed to tame the drop. The Pintail 46 is the gun of the longboard world, designed to paddle into that Eddie sized bank you’ve been dying to drop in on.

Parks Too.

It might take a bit more initial effort to get it going, but once you find a groove, the Pintail 46 will roll around a bowl with the nimble agility of the small African Klipspringer. The alacrity of the Original S Series carving trucks will keep your flow going when other trucks might leave you stranded inside as the set waves come crashing down.


Must See Pintail/Cruiser Videos.


2 reviews for Pintail 46 Complete

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Learning longboard with it, I love it :
    I only use it on flat and on a nice large low slope for the moment. It goes fast and smooth. I let the trucks quite flex, it carves very well and I have some fun pumping though I find it very physical (thanks swiss bones ?). On the slope I do large loops slowly, very much like snow boarding. I’m getting oldy and It replaces jogging, help training for sup/snow-board…and it’s fun !
    Thanks Original I’m satisfied, it’s a great gift someone made me.

    Nicolas, France

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I absolutely love my Pintail 46”
    Great board to cruise on , wheels and bearings are smooth as can be. I have ridden it everyday for the last 5 months. EVERDAY!!!

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