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Stock Setup: Original S8’s, Radius Sata Ride 65mm 80a Wheels, Cell Selects Bearings

712 in stock

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Controlled Cruising. Premium Carving.

The Pintail 40 is the crowd pleaser of cruiser boards. This longboard is 40 inches of stable Canadian maple designed for controlled cruising & hard carves. Mounted with Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks and risers, the Pintail 40 will exceed your expectations.

Cruise Control.

Bust sharp turns with Original S8 200mm carving trucks. Upgrade to Cell Prime bearings to get on the fast track to smooth sailing.

Responsive Cruise Control.

With a strong maple construction and a responsive flex, the Pintail 40 no stranger to durability. The flex is distributed evenly throughout the deck allowing for a forgiving, consistent, & smooth ride.

Elegance, meet Functionality.

The simple shape of the Pintail 40 complements its gentle concave, making for comfortable foot placement when cutting deep carves. Stretch out & relax- The Pintail 40’s effective standing platform stretches across the entire length of the longboard, giving you more than enough room to kick it.

From Tip to Tail

The Pintail 40 has a long enough nose & tail to tackle most riding conditions. Manual off curbs or bust out a shuv-it. The 40 shines when you need to switch from commuting to picking-up without missing a beat.

Cruising or Carving

The Pintail 40 comes standard with the Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks.

The mid-sized spring-loaded trucks mean more stability as you dodge pedestrians all day long. For hard carving on huge wheels 72mm & up, upgrade to Original’s S10 250mm Trucks.

Bearings for your Budget

Whether you’re cruising by the beach or bombing the local steeps, riding smooth bearings is a major key. We got options, so you can match your riding style to a set of performance longboard bearings suited to your needs.

What’s Your Favorite Dish?

This cruising carver comes standard with 70mm wheels. If your tastes crave something bigger, you won’t go hungry. With deep wheel wells, the Pintail 40 accepts a feast of upgraded wheel sizes to satisfy the largest appetites.

Surf Inspiration

When the waves are flat, head for the hills! The Pintail 40’s top wood finish makes it a fine piece of art. The surf-style graphics reflect longboarding’s roots in big wave riding.

Cut carves like you slash cutbacks on the face of the wave. The Pintail 40 pairs with Original’s S-series Spring-Loaded Trucks to give you a smooth ride that surfs the streets.


  • Dimensions: Length: 40″ x Width: 8.75″
  • Wheelbase: 28″
  • Construction: 7 Ply Northeastern Maple
  • Deck Weight: 3.2lbs


Designed for Turning on a Dime.

The Pintail 40 is on the shorter end of the Pintail spectrum. Shorter length means a tighter wheelbase for maneuverable carving between obstacles.

Tried and True

The 7-ply maple construction of the Pintail 40 supplies the perfect flex for its wheel base. The center of the board flexes while the rest of the Pintail stays stiff in all the right places. This deck’s flex is responsive, but not abrasive or off-putting at higher speeds.


The Pintail’s mellow concave keeps your feet planted. You won’t have a second thought about foot placement, so you can swerve past dog walkers & watch the scenery fly by.

Hang Ten or Drop the Curb

The Pintail 40 meets the needs of a variety of longboard riding styles. From the routed wheel wells to the laser cut grip finish, we addressed & accounted for every detail during testing & development. Nose ride with ten toes in the wind or drop off a curb, the 40 is one longboard that won’t let you down.

Unlock Carving Perfection.

Spring-loaded trucks & the best wheel & bearing options make the Pintail 40 a reliable ripper of a longboard. Flat or steep, urban or rural, left or right, the Pintail 40 finesses the asphalt.

Green to Double Black

The Pintail 40 is at home in any environment. This deck rocks a wide enough wheel base for the hills, but maintains maneuverability for dancing through a crowd.

Neighborhood Friendly

With the ability to turn your local pavement into a fully-rippable wave, the Pintail 40 shines light onto overlooked asphalt. Beginner & advanced riders alike can point the Pintail down any street to view their neighborhood from a whole new perspective.


A board for the city must withstand the hectic daily commute. Slash past pedestrians with confidence. With standard S8 200mm carving trucks, take on any hill between you & the corner store, the office, your best gal’s penthouse, park view, or apartment.


With the length to spread out your stance & a tail to stand on, the Pintail 40 tackles banks with an aggressive surf-style. Ditches beware! The Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks slash, slide, & carve up any wall. This versatility transitions your surf moves from waves to the pavement.


Must See Pintail/Cruiser Videos.

9 reviews for Pintail 40 Complete

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kirsten Whitcomb

    This was my first longboard and it was the perfect choice. It’s a great board to get started on. Love how much it reminds me of surfing!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Liz Shuttleworth

    Amazing customer service, really helpful! Couldn’t decide on what to get for my husband for Christmas but Ashley has been super helpful and made it really clear! Cannot recommend more highly. A***

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jess (verified owner)

    I recently snagged me this longboard. This is my first longboard and when it showed up my footstep I took it out and started skating! I got it pretty late in the day and sun was going down. I took if for a spin around my block and man this thing runs smooth! It’s super flexible. I needed help choosing a board and the peeps here at Original helped me with all the questions I had to narrow down my options. Thank you once again for your customer service! I can’t wait to bring my longboard to work and cruise during lunch and breaks. We have a huge parking lot here so I’m super excited to ride it around our lot.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    First longboard and was tons of fun. Super spacious learned how to cross step on this puppy. You can literally wander around the board yes its that big. Would definitely recomend if you are just looking to cruise around and have a good time with your buddies.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was my first long board and it was amazing. Ride quality was smooth and the trucks are brilliant. Would defiantly recommend this board to everyone.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was my first longboard and it was an awesome board. I had bought the board so that I could ride to my school and back which was an incredible ride, it was super smooth and I would recommend everyone that just wants to cruise around.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    matt.j.miller716 (verified owner)

    This was my longboard. I was really nervous about getting a longboard because I’m a lifelong snowboarder and I didn’t want to just rush into getting a board and it not be what I wanted. My ideal board was one that felt like a was shredding on the hill doing some big carves dropping a hand down and just having fun. I prefer the surfing style and riding the mountain versus the terrain park. I researched boards for about 3 or 4 years and then one day i just said hey ill check out Original. I had been following them on youtube for about 2 years. Instantly they had someone from the site helping me out through Rider Support. I told them my style and what my goal was. They recommended the pintail 40. I have upgraded bearings but kept everything else plus I got a helmet. The flex of the board is great. It is really responsive and it carves like a monster. I can pump and keep the carves going. It is stable when really pushing off to pick up speed and you can even spin 360 degrees in place with how good the trucks are. It is a tough board and is all around amazing. It’s exactly what I wanted to ride in the off season when I can’t snowboard. It takes me back to the mountain and I really appreciate Original’s help on that. I highly highly recommend Original and the pintail for aggressive carves and/or chill riding. Thanks!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Definitely a good board to start on. This was one of my first boards and I absolutely loved it. I definitely recommend it for cruising around with friends.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    This the best board a beginner can get!! I have been riding for a decade, trust me. It’s low, light, durable, and a lot of fun

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