Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks


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A set of OS trucks includes:

  • A pair of Original Spring-Loaded Carving Trucks – Stocked with Black Loose Tension Springs
  • A pair of Original Skateboards Riser Pads 3/4″
  • A set of Original Truck Mounting Hardware – for truck and wheel mounting purposes
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About the Original S8 Trucks

Original S8 Longboard trucks are the mainstay of our truck line. For hills and most terrain other than flat, the S8 200mm trucks will out-perform the S6 trucks and give the rider more confidence at speed. Longboarders switching from traditional bushing based longboard truck designs (Randal, Paris etc) should aim for the S8s, and probably heavier tension springs (red for the win), to rip right off the bat, to heck with the transition.

Is your longboard compatible?

We designed Original longboard trucks to carve as hard as possible. OS trucks boast the greatest degree of board-lean in the longboard truck industry. While unlimited board-lean is impossible on a skateboard, we squeezed every last degree into the turning radius of Original S-Series trucks.
The quick snapback of Original’s patented spring-loaded technology will take your carves to the next level, but your board better be ready for it! Be aware: Unlike traditional bushing trucks, you cannot drop-through mount Original S-Series trucks. If you ride a drop-through deck, don’t worry-just topmount your OS trucks. Topmounted Original trucks still sit lower to the ground than topmounted bushing trucks.
A wise longboarder once said, “You’re just one step away from catching wheelbite and going home.” Avoid a preventable wipeout by making sure that your wheels never touch the bottom of your deck. Check out this short video to learn how to choose the right pair of Original trucks for you.


Customize your Original S8 (200mm) Longboard Trucks

We have developed three longboard truck sizes, each to hit a specific rider / riding type. Similarly we have also developed three different tension springs to expand our riding possibilities. Each truck size and spring tension has a completely different feel.

We recommend that heavier riders (160 Lbs and over) as well as riders who have a lot of longboarding experience on traditional longboard trucks (randal, paris etc) go for the wider sizes of Originals (S8 200mm or S10 250mm) and for the heavier tension spring options.

Lighter riders (less than 160Lbs), beginners (who will enjoy the ease of turning) and riders who surf, and want a more surfy ride, may want to lean towards the mid or small sized hangers and the lighter tension springs.

2 reviews for Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marc Mattern

    These trucks are so rad! I live in San Diego and have ridden every single pair of the major cast truck brands, (Randall, Paris, caliber, gullwing, cronins, gunmetal, bear, ect.) while those are most certainly ideal for ripping up the mountains doing downhill pulling some serious speed, NOTHING beats the lean and surf vibe to the original trucks. If its flat and I need a session I don’t have to think twice about these trucks. They are really the closest you can get to the feeling of surfing or riding pow on a skateboard. Its actually amazing that these aren’t more popular considering the surfing population here as I find them better than both the carver “surf” trucks and the double kingpin gullwings…
    Now, they need a little TLC. The technology is pretty slick and needs to be maintained. OS has youtube videos on maintenance – watch them. Buy some extra cams with your trucks.
    Keep it steezy!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Honestly these trucks are amazing. If yoy are interested in doing some slides then i would recommend getting some reverse kingpins instead, but if sliding is not your repertoire then i could not recommend these more, i do a lot of downhill and dont have enough skill to slide and these trucks make it easy to carve out my speed if needed, plus on flat based there isnt a truck out there easier for pumping (can ride like 2 miles without ever taking my feet off the board). Tighter turning radius than a reverse king pin truck. The wider hanger reduces wheelbite. Highly recommend a set. If you do slide a lot i recommend this be your second set of trucks. If you dont know how to slide yet i recommend it be your first

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