The Original Purge 33 Deck

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Throwing it back to the good ole’ days with this classic deck.

An Original piece of history.


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Utilizing a Pug 80’s Kick nose and full Kick Tail the Purge was specifically designed to bring Original 150mm S6 Trucks into your local Pools, Bowls and Parks.


This board is NOT a cruiser and it is not for beginners. It was designed with the advanced rider (who has experience on Original Trucks) in mind. If you are just starting out, hit up the Torpedo or a Freeride to get the hang of it, then pick up this deck later when you know what our trucks are really going to do.

If you were a fan of the older (yellow)2002-2003 Hybrid, but wanted something a little more aggressive, the Purge is your board. You will never look at a bowl the same way again.

Recommended Set up

The Purge was designed with our S6 (150mm) Truck in mind, it will NOT work with larger size trucks. Please also keep in mind that the Purge was designed to be loaded with smaller wheels. Wheels larger than 70mm may get wheel bite, changing the riser may increase the risk of wheel bite.


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