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The Arbiter 36.

Designed for fast hills and faster slides, the Arbiter 36 keeps it calm, keeps it simple, and keeps delivering the pinpoint in-slide control and lock-in that will keep you coming back. Our formula is easy: Zero flex 9ply maple, a great concave, genuinely great wheel-wells, and a 6 way adjustable wheelbase. For fun, we added a rear cereal bowl flair that is easy to love, and easier to use. The board is topped off with a sexy black matte finish.

977 in stock

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Downhill performance never happens by accident and neither does this price; while the Arbiter may look like a million bucks, getting an elite short wheelbase, downhill/freeride, topmount under your feet will cost you less than a hundo. The Arbiter is constructed out of the best wood in the world, 100% North American grade A veneers, and built right here in North America using a proprietary glue that is fine tuned to eliminate delams. So if you slide 45 degrees more than you slide 90 degrees and hit 45 mph more than you cruise at 20 mph, the Arbiter 36 should be your number one choice for fast freeride and downhill.

Recommended RideFocus

No board does it all, check your height vs the Arbiter 36’s recommended ridefocus;

  • Rider Height >= 5ft9in): Downhill 75%; Freeride 25%
  • Rider Height <= 5ft8in): Downhill 85%; Freeride 15%

Must See Downhill/Freeride Videos.

4 reviews for OG Arbiter 36 Deck

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Simple, nice soft concave, light but steady. Wheel flares are just the right size, even on low degree trucks. Perfect for going fast, and responsive on sketchy turns.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony Kong

    The Arbiter 36 is the first Downhill/Freeride board I had really fallen in love with. With it’s simple concave, it allowed me to progress not only my fast freeride, but also was the starting ground for anything techy. The tub concave proved more than enough to create a downhil/freeride board that ended up being more versatile than anyone would think. This is definitely a board that I would recommend to anyone whether they are just learning to skate, or looking for a fresh reliable setup for the longrun.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Josh Turner

    One of the first downhill and freeride boards by OS. Though it has the immediate discipline for faster types of riding, in which it performs very well, playing around with the wheelbase options can make this board a killer in tech freeride. Run the wider wheelbase option for all the hillbombing you can handle, and narrow it for all your 360 shuvit and technical combo desires! With this multiplicity of discipline combos, this board is the perfect “do whatever” board for your dollar! At only $99, you will be able to get stoked without killing your wallet.

    As a rider for Original, I have learned that this is the perfect board to get if you just arent sure what type of skating is right for you. Give it a look! With its flat platform, customizing or even making extra wheelbase options for a smaller stance, or even a new tail, is a breeze!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian H

    this board is simply amazing. a nice firm deck that keeps your feet locked in no matter what you do. comfortable concave that wont make your feet hurt half way through your run.

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