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The Gateway is Open.

Riding evolves. The Baffle evolves with it. Harder bricked tail profiles, improved wheel well stability, and a sidecut delete make the new Baffle the best ever. Like its namesake, the Baffle is our gateway to different ride styles: get fast and stay stable for downhill, while perfecting your slide game with second-to-none slide initiation. Connect with a board that rides the way you want to ride. The gateway is open.


  • Dimensions: Length: 37″ x Width: 10″
  • Wheelbase: 22.75″ – 26″
  • Construction: 9 Ply Northeastern Maple
  • Deck Weight: 4.6lbs

Continue to Evolve.

The Baffle 37, a symmetrical topmount with flared wells and rocker, keeps you locked in. Slide, Freeride, or Downhill.

Design is Everything.

Forget the rules. Ask yourself what you want. The Baffle, a 37” symmetrical topmount with flared wheel wells for days, is exactly what our riders wanted in a brick. It’s more than just another brick in the wall.

Free Your Mind.

The Baffle 37 means one thing; you get to live beyond just one concept. We created a board that continues to evolve: new shape, new features, same downhill soul. Never stop inventing.

Redesigned by YOU.

Created by our riders and engineered to reflect what downhill, freeride, and tech freeride mean to us, at Original, the well loved Baffle shape is now wider through the center via sidecut delete. No more waist to deal with when tucking. The continuous rocker and dramatic, but comfy wheel flares, lock riders in tight for an aero tuck with room to push out big slides.

Flares You Can See.

More than just looks, the Baffle offers a massive effective-foot-platform. Stand on the flares for easy slide initiation and seamless 360s. Dig your back foot into the rear flare for fast freeride and downhill. Rocker keeps things loose when perfecting a slide and adds some extra pop for the occasional “yeah its possible” kick-flip.

All About That Variety.

There’s an upgrade for everyone. Add Cell Premium Bearings + RDVX Grip Tape. Stay fast and locked in.

Setup for YOUR Ride Style.

Perfect YOUR Setup.

We understand that a deck says a lot about you and how you ride. It’s more than just a deck, so we created the Baffle using 9 ply Northeastern Maple and a 22.75” – 26” wheelbase to give you the wide range of ride styles, setups, and expressions. Customize it your way.

Performance and Style.

Keep reinventing what you know about your ride style. Let the Baffle 37 get you there. The Baffle 37 opens that gateway allowing riders to set up their decks for downhill, freeride, and cruising around hilly cities. Our standard complete board fits your ride style, upgrades or no.

Build It Your Way.

The Baffle 37 changes the way people see riding. Rock the Baffle 37 for style, performance, and all around badassness. Your custom build starts with YOU. There’s a performance complete out there for everyone or create your own custom build.

No Trucks Given.

Engineered to adapt to your ride style, the Baffle 37 is built for slides every way, bombing your local hill, or tech-freeride. It’s all in the setup. Add Bear 852s for more stability or Caliber 50s for all around freeride. Riders looking to commute or cruise around hilly cities will feel at home with Paris 180s. Set it up how you want. We don’t give a truck.

Send It.

Adaptable for many riders, the Baffle 37 is all about dialing in your perfect downhill or freeride setup. Every component matters. The Baffle 37 comes stock with Cell Standard bearings. For riders looking for a faster, longer, and more efficient roll speed, upgrade to Cell Primes or Ceramics. With built-in spacers and speed rings, you’ll have no problem sending it with speed.

Endless Wheel Options.

Built in versatility. Thanks to the Baffle’s wheel flares / wheel well combo, you’ve got the clearance for almost any wheel option. The Baffle 37 comes standard with Radius SataRide 65mms longboard wheels, perfect for smooth, creamy slides, and thick thane lines.

Grip and Rip.

The Baffle 37 comes stock with standard fullblack street griptape good for mellow freeride and light downhill. Upgrade to RDVX Longboard Griptape to lock in while grippin’ and rippin’ through burly corners and smashing big standup slides.

Brick by Brick.

From beginners to advanced riders, mountain passes to local hills, the Baffle is your board for sliding.

Brick Roll.

The Baffle 37 longboard skateboard is perfect for bombing local hills, podiuming at races, fast freeride, learning to slide, and cruising hilly cities. Regardless of skill level, the Baffle is open to anything. Check out these moves.

Slide Every Which Way.

Learning to slide doesn’t have to be a challenge. The Baffle 37 is wide with a massive effective foot platform for beginners learning to slide. Stand on the wheel flares to maximize slide initiation or reposition up in the pockets to grip through your line and progress into fast freeride. If you aren’t sliding switch, you will be.

9 ply Canadian Maple. 37″ x 10″ wide.

Down to Tuck.

Whether you’re just getting into downhill or you’re already podiuming at races, the Baffle 37 opens the door to comfort at speed. The new Baffle 37 ditches the narrow waist making more room for a comfortable tuck. Get on the hill and see for yourself.

Exceed Your Expectations.

Perfect your slide and freeride game. Lock into the Baffle 37’s flared wheel wells to make sliding a breeze, while the flushmount keeps your trucks at their intended geometry, pushing the limits of freeride. The Baffle 37 loves seamless 360s, big standies, and switch everything. The only question is, do you?

Commute. Like A Boss.

37” of sheer badassness means the Baffle 37 can tackle your city’s biggest hills, but it’s also the perfect size to grab-and-go. Your morning commute just got a major upgrade: slide, bomb hills, and rip tight turns. It’s all in a days work.

Cruise, Game On.

Flush mounting lowers the ride height, while the short end of the 22.75” – 26” adjustable wheelbase keeps the Baffle nimble. The aggressive, but comfy flared wheel wells make cruising and slide initiation a breeze. No one ever said advanced concave concepts can’t make cruising around town more fun.

Must See Downhill/Freeride Videos.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    love this board. The concave makes my downhill wheels feel smooth. The kicks aren’t big but i can still ollie over speed bumps and curbs. the wheel wells are massive. i ride my canibales 76 mm tall without risers, over all great board highly suggest it !!!!!!!

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