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Arbiter LCD Complete


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Pictured Setup: Randall R-II 50 Deg Black, 65mm Divine Road Rippers

Stock Setup: Bear Grizzly 1801mm black trucks, Radius Sata Slide 70mm 80a Wheels, Abec 3 Bearings

980 in stock

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Access for All.

Custom Design. Comfortable Ride.

Ladies need love too, so the lady riders at Original Skateboards took to prototyping, developing, and designing the Arbiter 35 LCD longboard skateboard. Every rider should be able to find the right board, girls and lady riders included. From your morning commute to the podium, lady riders now have the versatility in the Arbiter LCD to do more than cruise and carve. Hungry for steeps, but enjoys snacking on those tight city turns, the Arbiter LCD is made for women’s bodies. Versatility for all.

Stylish and Comfortable.

Upgrades are a girls’ best friend: add Cell Premium Bearings + RDVX Grip Tape.

Accessorize. Empower.

Elegantly Engineered.

The LCD is as good as the some of its parts. Created from 9 ply hard rock maple, the LCD is a deck that blurs the lines between ride styles, but the customization doesn’t stop with the board design. Your components allow you to ride differently. Start your customization here.

Your Custom Build.

Ride like a girl, with strength and stability. The Arbiter LCD gives each rider the best girls longboard setup for the versatility to get fast, but also the cruise-ability to get in-and-out around crowds. Our standard complete board with Radius 65mm Wheels and your choice of trucks fits your ride style, upgrades or no.

Tailor-made Design.

The perfect combination of style and functionality: smaller feet and smaller wheelbase options for smaller riders. The Arbiter LCD get’s even better when you add performance upgrades like Orangatang Keanu 66mm Longboard wheels, Caliber 2 Trucks and Cell Bearings Primes. Perfect your performance and never look back.

Give a Truck.

The Arbiter 35 LCD longboard skateboard is built for function. From cruising and carving to fast freeride, it’s all about your custom longboard setup. If your plan is to bomb hills and all-around freeride, setup the Arbiter LCD with Caliber 184s for more stability. Riders looking for cruising / carving vibes will feel at home with Paris 180s on the LCD. It’s all about the truck setup, baby.

Smooth Move.

A Longboard Custom Setup starts with a Custom Deck, but it doesn’t end there. The LCD comes standard with Cell Selects bearings. For lady riders seeking a smoother, longer, more performance oriented roll, upgrade to Cell Primes or Ceramics with built in spacers for powerful riding that maxes out the LCD’s design.

All About That Wheelbase.

To quench your thirst for rideability, the Arbiter 35 LCD comes standard with Radius SataRide 80a x 65mms longboard wheels that are perfect for cruising, carving and a slide here and there. If you thirst for more, upgrade to the long lasting easy slideability of Orangatang Keanus, shown above.

Grip Goddess.

Original’s LCD comes standard with mellow full black griptape for cruising, carving, and light riding. For lady riders wanting high performance, upgrade to RDVX Longboard Griptape. Grip in. Lock in. Push the boundaries.


  • Dimensions: Length: 35″ x Width: 9.35″
  • Wheelbase: 17″ – 20″
  • Construction: 9 Ply Northeastern Maple
  • Deck Weight: 4lbs

Ride YOUR Own Path.

To make the best girls longboard, we adjusted the width of the well loved Arbiter DK longboard skateboard for a smaller rider.

Ladies Custom Design.

Created and Customized for our Lady riders, the Original Skateboards Arbiter LCD (Ladies Custom Deck), a 35” full-kick rear, snub-kick nose, marries what our lady riders wanted with the character of the well loved Arbiter family.

Focused on Change.

The LCD offers a more narrow width and concave, making riding more comfortable for ladies or anyone with a less than gigantic shoe size. Packed with big features including multiple wheelbase options to adjust stability, maneuverability, and the angle of the kick, the LCD is great for the ladies and any smaller riders.

Pretty + Badass. Pretty Badass

Add some pop to your quiver. The LCD offers versatility for girls who want to do more than cruise and carve, but still have the ability to cruise when the time is right by constructing a more narrow board Slide like you mean it. Ride how YOU want.

Strength. Inspired. Concave.

Lady riders use their hips more than their upper bodies for slides, so we prototyped and tested a board that would allow lady riders the best girls longboard for their bodies and size. You should dictate your ride, which is why we created the Arbiter 35 LCD Longboard Skateboard.

Shred Like A Girl.

The LCD narrows with a supportive tub concave, the right amount to locked in. Push out slides, pump tight carves, or get a comfy tuck.

Inspired Shape. Powerful Ride.

The Arbiter LCD longboard skateboard gets comfy at high speeds, campus cruising, freestyle, and freeride. Lady riders, beginner-to-advanced, get ready to lock down your local run from morning-to-night. Turn your neighborhood into your personal playground one ride at a time.

Diverse Rideability.

From beginner-to-advanced, the Arbiter 35 LCD gets comfy under the feet of lady riders. The deck narrows in at 8.75”-9.35” perfect for lady and smaller riders. Take it to the steeps or the city streets, thanks to the 17”-20” wheelbase options.

Perfected Cruise Capacity.

The LCD offers a 17”-20” short wheelbase and progressive tub to kick, perfectly crafted for tight turns and perfected cruiseability. Beginners can enjoy the ease of turn and lock-in making learning to carve fun and easy. Advanced riders can cruise and carve when the time is right, but still charge the steeps thanks to the many setup options.

Slide Like You Mean It.

With a 5.5”-6” adjustable kick, the Arbiter 35 LCD longboard is perfect for ladies learning to slide and advanced riders perfecting their freeride game. Advanced riders can get comfy and push the limits, but beginners will also find themselves at home with a board that will up their freeride and slide game and continue to grow with them.

City Slasher.

The 35” length of the Arbiter LCD makes it easy for any city commuter to grab-and-go, rip tight turns, and pop up curbs. This board has it covered. Never to big to take on the subway and never too small to tackle your local bridges and banks. Turn your morning commute into a park run, and cozy up to the Arbiter LCD.

Speed Demon.

With the 0.45” Rocker Concave, the Arbiter LCD is cozy enough for freeride and mild hill bombing, with easy slide initiation to stay in control on your downhill runs. Turn your local hill into a stylish downhill session thanks to your new short-wheelbase top mount, and the comfortable well loved feeling of the Arbiter Family.

Must See Downhill/Freeride Videos.

1 review for Arbiter LCD Complete

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Molly Lewis

    As an Original team rider, I have ridden most, if not all of the boards in production. The Arbiter LCD is my personal favorite board! I keep it in my trunk at all times. Perfect size for cruising sidewalks, or freeriding hills. It is my go to board, and the more narrow width is perfect for my women’s US size 8 foot. The kick in the nose is perfect for nollie tricks, while the kick in the tail is perfect for ollies and other freestyle tricks. I just really like the size, and the board is usually all I need for any situation.
    Review by Team Rider- Molly Lewis

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