Apex 40 AvRocker Concave Deck ** Graphic Blem**

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GRAPHIC BLEMISH DECK – Graphic blemish decks have scratches, scuffs, or other marks and features on the surface of the deck, or in the graphics. They are mechanically sound, and have never been ridden.


In the Apex 40 AvRockerConcave, our goal was to apply complete 360 degree concave support to your stance platform while maintaining lower speed performance to go with our new freeride focus. The AvRockerConcave enjoys a taller kicktail than the DoubleConcave and is much more agile on flats and small hills making it great for both freestyle and commuting.

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The Right Rocker for Your Quiver.

The Apex 40 AVRocker is agile, yet strong due to the quad-axial carbon fiberglass. It answers our cruising and carving performance requirements, maintains a focus on all-around sliding and freestyle, and doesn’t give up the soul we found in the OG first-ever Apex 37. Perhaps more importantly, the Apex 40 has re-ignited our imaginations as to what longboarding (and longboards) might look like four years from now.

Added Agility. Added Versatility.

We’ve taken the strong, innovative Apex construction that riders love, lengthened the platform to 40” and added a rocker concave. The AvRocker’s has a medium tub-based concave combined with ample rocker, gas pedals, and double kicktails. The AvRocker is more focused on freestyle and carving than either the DoubleConcave or DiamondDrop but still maintain’s the all-around freestyle-freeride focus the line is known for. Add PK Noseguards to sweeten the deal, adding more durability, and a ton more pop.

Apex 40 AvRC Stats

The Devil is in the details. Here’s the Apex 40 AvRockerConcave stacks up.

40.75in x Width: 9.5in
27.5 to 29in
Concave Depth @10.25in:
Effect Platform:
26.75in x 9.5in
Effective Concave @9.5in:
Gas Pedals:
40 Degree
3 Ply Maple + Carbon Re-Inforced Quad-Axial Fiberglass
5.0in wide x 4.5in long x 1.25in tall
(4.5 x2) 9 / 31.75 = 28.3%
Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back:
3.5 / 3.5

Versatility. Freeride-Freestyle Focused.

All the rocker you wanted in the Apex you already knew you loved: the Apex 40 AVRocker. In the Apex 40 AvRockerConcave, our goal was to apply complete 360 degree concave support to your stance platform while maintaining lower speed carving and cruising performance to go with our freeride focus. We based the development on the RockerConcave Freeride 41 concavestyle. Then we modified the board by moving the rocker away from the center of the board, which is now flat for 10 inches. We placed all of the rocker where you will feel it: on the foot placement section of your stance platform. While this does not modify the 3.5 degree wedging, it does increase your awareness, lock in, and feel of the deck (front to back) drastically. More than enough, (we believe) to justify the separate AvRockerConcave name designation.

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