Apex 40 Diamond Drop V2 Deck *Graphic Blem*

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GRAPHIC BLEMISH DECK – Graphic blemish decks have scratches, scuffs, or other marks and features on the surface of the deck, or in the graphics. They are mechanically sound, and have never been ridden.


986 in stock

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Want. Need. Slide.

Change the way you ride. From freestyle to freeride, cruising/carving, and light downhill, the new Apex 40 DiamondDrop pushes the possibilities the moment your feet hit dat drop. With a new wider standing platform, more concave, added wheel wells, + deleted gas pedals, the reinvented Apex is your upgraded go-to.

Its All YOU

Add your own customized touch. Upgrade to Cell Primes + RDVX Griptape.

All YOUR Riding Needs.

The Apex 40 DiamondDrop longboard skateboards’ bread and butter is freestyle and freeride, but that comfy drop locks you in and keeps you low to the ground for campus cruising, slide perfection, and light downhill bombing here or there. Beginner-to-advanced, the only thing the Apex DiamondDrop is missing is YOU.

Learning to Ride + Cruising/Carving

Whether you’re a beginner learning to ride or just want to cruise / carve, the possibilities are endless. Due to its low to the ground posture and compatibility with Original Trucks, riders can learn how to turn more easily, push more easily, coast further, and keep that tight turn radius for smooth carves.

Pocket Change.

Dip your toe into the deep end. With upgraded deeper pockets, the DD locks you in for any slide you throw at it. Slide every which way with a diamond under the soles of your shoes. Versatility, ease of slide initiation, and that drop help to perfect your slide game. Enhance your slide experience with the Apex 40 DiamondDrop.

Unlimited MPG

Low to the ground to allow more comfortable stance while pushing. The DiamondDrop’s pockets let you know where your feet are, so the only thing you have to worry about is traffic. Pair the Apex with S8 Original Trucks, for a tight turn radius and an even lower pushing platform that allows you to drop a curb, whip around your neighbor’s dog, or navigate through traffic. Work hard. Cruise further.

Bread + Butter

The deeper concave of the new Apex 40 DiamondDrop gives you more control over your slides, while the expanded EFP lets you stand closer to your trucks for more leverage and easier slide rotation. Bigger riders + those with a wider stance rejoice, the Apex 40 is wider (in all directions) to accommodate your needs. Technical slides + fast freerides, this is your bread and butter.

That Sweet Spot

Pop higher. Catch higher. Stomp your hardest tricks with confidence thanks to the freestyle focused engineering of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop. Creating a deck that pushes the freestyle envelope takes more than just adding a kick. It takes more than boosting durability or adding noseguards. The DiamondDrop evolved from a team focus on the things that haven’t been done yet, so that you can do the things you never imagined. Find that sweet spot.

Hot Newness

Wider platform, added wheel wells, + a deeper concave. The Apex 40 stands the test of ride.

Re-Engineered Versatility.

Inspiration starts with the concept, design, engineering, and execution, but inspired versatility begins again with the way you ride. Say hello to the Apex 40 DiamondDrop’s deeper diamond bowl concave, lightweight design, and fully functional trick popping tails. Happy Riding.

Understated Durability.

Stiff quad axial fiberglass, reinforced carbon fiber in-lays, and patented PK noseguards mean stronger versatility for your best all-in-one quiver killer. Daydream no more. You need to see a DiamondDrop in the flesh.

Symmetrical Simplicity.

Symmetrical for a reason. Whether it be nollies, fakie tre flips, or switch no complys, either end of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop provides the same massive pop and performance.

Breakfast Time.

The deeper cereal bowl concave on the re-invented DiamondDrop does more than just keep you locked in. With continuous concave throughout the drops, your feet will always have a point-of-reference providing consistency through slides, an enormous sweet spot to catch tricks, and comfort while cruising. Quench your thirst for concave. It’s breakfast time.

Suit up.

Beginner to advanced, cruising to sliding, and everything in between, the Apex 40 DiamondDrop is shred ready.

Diamond + Bling

Re-Imagine YOUR Ride.

We want to keep rethinking how a longboard is engineered and constructed. The customization doesn’t stop there. It’s just the beginning. Performance components from our brand partners allow you to build a setup that works perfectly for your ride style. Customization and re-imagination starts here.

Personalized Performance.

We put together our favorite setups to help you progress the way you ride, but the possibilities are endless. The Apex 40 DiamondDrop gives riders the best versatile longboard setup to take on a steeper hill, slide more aggressively, or learn to longboard. Our standard complete board with Radius 65mm wheels and your choice of trucks help to create your perfect ride. Upgrades to match your ride. Upgrades to match your budget.

Unlock the Possibilities.

Way more than just a new graphic. The Apex’s journey started in 2008, and that spirit continues in each new iteration. Cutting edge and bright versatility, the new DiamondDrop allows riders to unlock different ride styles, and it keeps getting better when you add performance upgrades from Otang, Bear, These, Paris, Bones, and Volante.

Roll Thru

Dump the stand alone spacers for built-in, longboard-specific performance with Cell Bearings or stick to the well loved bearing lineup from Bones. Upgraded bearings are the single easiest way to roll farther, faster. Push less, roll more.

Wheelin’ + Dealin’

The versatility of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop allows riders to come away with many ride options suited just for them, and your wheels are all about how you want to ride. The DD comes standard with Radius SataRide 80a x 65mm longboard wheels that are perfect for cruising, carving, and a slide here and there. If you’re hangry for more, upgrade to the long lasting easy slideability of Orangatang Stimulus, shown above, BloodOrange Liam Morgans, or Volante Checkers.

Diamond Grit.

The Apex 40 DiamondDrop comes standards with full black laser cut griptape for cruising, carving, and freestyle riding. For high performance and more downhill slide oriented lock-in, upgrade to RDVX Ultra-Coarse Longboard Griptape. Grip + Rip with the Apex 40 DiamondDrop.

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