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Pardon the Kickass Kicktails

Dropped for speed, but sized for anything that mixes ramps with slides and flips, the Apex 37 DiamondDrop is one of the most progressive and fun longboards we have ever ridden. We push the limits of technology, and that is clear in both the construction of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop and the new Apex 37 DiamondDrop. We constructed it using our proprietary 3 ply maple with quad axial fiberglass and CNC’d Carbon reinforcement inlays. You cannot find this anywhere, but Original. This construction creates more durability, comfort, and the perfect tinge of impact absorbing flex. The Apex 37 DiamondDrop has the same 4.5 inch long kicktails as the flagship Apex 40 DiamondDrop, which helps our riders stomp treflips, fakie or regular. Add the PK NoseGuards for the additional performance you need to open the door to advanced freestyle. Also exclusive to Original, The PK NoseGuards add superior unmatched protection and length to the Apex 37 DiamondDrop. We polished it off with 40 degree gas pedals to add a longer life and more spice to your ride. We shape it for the way we want to ride, with maximum fun and limitless control.

Apex 37 DD Specs

The Devil is in the details. Here’s the Apex 37 DiamondDrop stacks up.

  • Dimensions: Length: 9.25″ x Length: 37.75″
  • Wheelbase: 25″ to 26.5″
  • Length with PK Noseguards: 38.625″
  • Concave Depth: 0.66 @10″
  • Effective Platform: 2″
  • Drop Depth: 0.925″ full drop
  • Rocker Depth: 0 Rocker
  • Kick Specs: 5.0″ Wide, 4.” Long, 1.” Tall
  • Kick Specs with PKs: 5.125″ Wide, 4.8125″ Long, 1.25″ Tall
  • Gas Pedals: 40 Degree x 1/8th”
  • Number of Plies: 3 Ply Maple + Quad-Axial Fiberglass + Carbon
  • Board Thinness: .334″ (vs .600″ 9ply maple)
  • Deck Weight: 3lbs 11oz

Adaptability Never Felt So Good

Rules don’t apply. We create our own. At Original, limitless possibility, progressive technology, and, most importantly, having fun push us to create new boards. Case and Point: the Apex 37 DiamondDrop, making the Apex family just a little bit sweeter. We built on the proven technology from our Freeride-Freestyle flagship, the Apex 40 DiamondDrop, and pushed the limits further by packing the same unique features into a smaller package; the Apex 37 DiamondDrop flawlessly transitions between sliding, carving, freeride, and freestyle. It increases maneuverability, accelerates board rotation during flips, adds pop for higher tricks and ollies, eases spin initiation, and provides superior carve-ability. The Apex 37 longboard is the perfect size to make your ride more fun and keep the possibilities limitless. It adds durability, stability, and compact all-around riding to your quiver, giving you a taste of every flavor: sliding, freestyle, and light downhill riding. These are all things we love about longboarding.

New Cave. Same Enjoyment.

New Cave. Same Enjoyment. We’re still giving you that kinky concave of the DiamondDrop and embracing the fun, comfortable, locked-in-ride-ability and proven performance of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop. The Apex 37 DiamondDrop adds a 0.925 inch full drop to the 0.400 at 9.5 inch concave, enhancing the Apex’s freeride/sliding making it a durable, symmetrical, double-kick deck that takes on any challenge, and kicks ass. The platform size allows for easier trick initiation, and the locked in comfort of the full drop ensures the landing. The concave helps create a perfect pocket that strengthens the connection between your stance and the board. With the Apex 37 DiamondDrop, you get the best of both worlds: fun, limitless, progressive riding.

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5 reviews for Apex 37 Diamond Drop Deck

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This board is extremely unique and it’s potential is limitless. The concave feels excellent and really hugs your feet.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Philippe Koffi-Gue

    The Apex 37 DD is a real ripper when it comes to freestyle skating. Although it is not that long you are also able to ride down a hill & to throw out some slides with this board. It’s concave is very unique and something everyone has to try out.
    This board is the perfect choice for everyone who want to make a huge progress in developing his/her skills. But it is also a very good board for everyone who just started longboarding.

    get it get it get it !

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Markowitz

    I bought the Diamond Drop 3 years ago and have never once had buyer’s remorse. This board is versatile, making it great for someone looking to progress in multiple styles of riding. It is perfect for someone looking to step up from a beginner setup to a more advanced, performance board!

    Also, Original’s customer support is top notch and helped me greatly with choosing the right board. I highly recommend it!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    The board is an absolute masterpiece. Great board for freestyles and so easy to slide due to the concave keeping your feet in place. 5 stars , 100% recommend!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great board great pop beautiful cruis all around the shit! Definitely would recommend

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