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Longboard Trucks

True longboard control.

Original longboards and trucks were designed with one thing in mind: Control. Control over your speed and control over your direction, the control you need for longboarding progression. Original longboard trucks deliver the control your longboarding has been looking for.

Weave in and out of pedestrians on the city sidewalk, pop off the curb and carve out that long downhill before zigging back onto the sidewalk to avoid on-coming traffic. Can’t get to the mountains? The control Original trucks give you can turn any slightly sloping bridge, parking garage, tennis court or flat neighborhood street into a carving longboarder’s paradise. Pump for speed and rip carves powered by longboard trucks that give you what you have always wanted. Whether you are in the city, on the flats or riding big mountain hills too steep to bomb, Control is the key.

Quick changes of direction are essential, but in longboarding control over your speed is what really makes Original special. Speed control by carving allows beginners to learn how to longboard at their own pace, while allowing advanced riders to kill it on the big stuff. Control your speed by carving, learn how to footbreak, add a pair of slide gloves and you are ready to take on just about anything. Original longboards and trucks deliver all the speed control you could want, carve out your turns and practice your balance while keeping your speed in check.

Don’t get speed wobbles! With the confidence that comes from knowing you can slow your longboard down before you get going too fast, beginners will learn how to longboard faster and experienced riders will progress more quickly.

Take control of your speed and take control of the future of your longboarding; Original Trucks will show you the way.

Which Original trucks are you

By using a patented single spring resistance mechanism Original longboard trucks produce a unique, powerful, carving ride that is found no-where else. Since they ride very differently from a traditional longboard truck, it is important to be sure you are picking the right Original truck for your board. We are commited to making sure each of our riders has the best possible experience on our longboard trucks.

Watch our videos, look for what you like and learn more about Original longboard trucks, then if you have any questions about which is best, contact us toll-free; 800-619-5579, we will personally help you pick out the best longboard truck for your longboard deck.

Lifetime Mech-Support

Original trucks are some of the strongest, most reliable, longboard trucks on the market. For that reason we have no problem backing them up 100% for 6 months on breakage and defects. Beyond that, Original goes the extra mile for it’s longboard riders with Lifetime Mech-Support. If you EVER have a question or a problem with your trucks we are just a phone call, or an email, away, ready to answer your questions and give you the knowledge you need for longboarding progression. No worries, we have got your back, no matter where your longboard takes you.

Original trucks in action.

Our trucks carve like nothing else, for proof, look no further than our “Go Longboard” video. Every longboard in this video is riding on a pair of Original longboard trucks, no exceptions. “See the difference in our deck construction and in our patented carving trucks. Watch the difference in our videos. Then ride an Original yourself and feel the difference true control can make in your longboarding.”

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