Longboard Discipline Guide: Set-Up Suggestions Based on Your Riding Style

By Donny Williams
Cruising and Carving
Longboarding redefines transportation between point A and point B. Cruising on your board is all about carving the smoothest route and skating wide open roads with your friends.

With responsive flex for carving and pushing, the Original Pintail series is the pinnacle of longboard cruising. A Pintail paired with Original S-series trucks brings the hard carves of surfing and snowboarding to your street. Original S-series trucks give you the freedom to turn on a dime, and Radius Sata Ride 65mm 80a wheels will keep you rolling nice and quiet. Where will your next cruise take you? Explore your neighborhood like never before on an OS cruiser set up.


@framechasers crew in Australia.   

City Slashing
Sometimes you gotta take your daily commute up a notch. Make no mistake- city slashing isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll need strong boards that turn with precision if you want to dodge the dirt, dump trucks and dog walkers between you and your next stop. When the streets are crowded and the terrain gets tough, call upon the Manhattan 27 and the Derringer 28 to get you across town in time for work or your next coffee date. You’ll certainly be arriving in style.
No sidewalk run is too narrow for our lightweight, quick-carving city slashers. The Manhattan 27 has withstood the test of time as a swift and nimble cruiser. The Manhattan comes with a functional kicktail and nose to hop off a 3-stair and hold out a manual across the crosswalk. Set up the Manhattan with a pair of our S6 trucks so you can take tight turns around the block. This board is 27 inches of precise people-dodging and rides great with Radius Sata Ride 65 mm 80a wheels. The Derringer 28 has the smooth and stable carves of our Pintail series packed into a compact 28 inch ride. Cut hard and slide quick as you make your way past traffic on a pair of S6 trucks and Radius Sata Ride 65 mm 80a wheels.

Max Vickers on the Manhattan.
Photo Credit: @godofbiscuits1

Freestyle & Dancing
The boundaries of the Freestyle skating and Dancing discipline are broad and subjective. Riding styles and tricks have become so complex that we could take up a whole line on this page to properly identify all the tricks that make up a single maneuver! The first rule to Freestyle and Dancing is that there are no rules. When you’re making up new moves on your longboard, your creativity is the limit.
Our Apex longboard series is prepared to flip and rip up your local city plaza or side street. We engineered the Apexes to keep up with your smooth moves by adding a layer of quad-axial fiberglass that is strong, but lightweight enough to ensure good flick and pop. If you want to take your Apex freestyle to the next level, add a pair of Pumped-Up Kicktails to your ride for extra pop and deck protection. We designed the Apexes to last so you can keep adding another rotation to your freestyle trick combos. To provide a potent dancing/freestyle/freeride combination, we also offer three different concave options in our Apex series to match your preference.

Original team riders are no strangers to cuttin’ a rug on the concrete dance floor! Team Rider Andrei Churakov took first place in the best trick contest at the 2017 La Grise Ride in Lille, France. Master freestyler and dancing groove master, Andrei was also a judge at the 2017 So You Think You Can Longboard Dance contest in the Netherlands. We offer several boards in the dance department’s ideal length of 40-46 inches that give you plenty of effective foot platform to get funky on. Our Pintails are also great beginner dancer boards because of their long length. The Bamboo Pintails have added flex that puts some spring in your step!

Apex in action with @philipp_ltmr.

Photo Credit: @bendonoghuephoto

Try our Original S-series trucks with upgraded medium or heavy-tension springs to add hard carves to your dance routine, or check out the lightweight Paris 180mm V2 trucks for freestyle trickery. Freestyle and dance riders need a pair of light, soft wheels like our Radius Sata Rides or the Orangatang Skiffs. These wheels are lightweight but still big enough to ride smoothly over sidewalk cracks and gravel. Grab your board and get ready to bust a move!

Freeride Slide
Freeride Slide is speed checking on steroids. Freeriding is a downhill adrenaline rush similar to the carving motion of snowboarding and surfing. Our riders fly down hills, then throw big slides to slow themselves down. Sometimes, riders combine their slides with freestyle moves for mind-blowing tricks mid-run. Freeriders often wear our Triple 8 Slide Gloves to protect their hands and control their pace around hairpin turns. Putting a glove down as the wheels break traction helps with stability at high speeds. Freeride sliding is fast, fun and dangerous, so don’t get caught on the hill without a helmet!
Our signature Freeride series offers a variety of board length and concave options for stable skating at high speeds. We even threw a pair of kicktails on these decks to give you the freedom to pop a trick into your next hill bomb. The W-Concave Freeride Decks will lock in your feet when you’re hurling big toeside checks. Your heels will thank you for the Rocker Concave’s comfortable control and gorgeous gas pedals, designed especially for pushing out long heelside slides. Finally, if you’re serious about staying locked in to your board and low to the ground, check out our Drop Freeride series.

Choose between 38, 41, & 44 inches to find the best Freeride for your stance.

The Freeride series are cut with drop-through truck mounting. The low center of gravity in a drop-through board provides stability at high speeds and a low, comfortable push for your commute. If you want to ride the most stable drop-through we offer, get your feet into the Drop Freeride’s comfortable concave. The 0.95’’ drop grants more stability and control at any speed. Grab a helmet and a pair of Triple 8 slide gloves so you can skate safe. Browse our selection of Caliber Trucks, Orangatang and Blood Orange Wheels for dependable slides at high speeds. Also, don’t forget that many of our downhill decks double as great freeride boards, too!

Pol Casamada Belmonte poses with his Freeride 38 RC.
Photo Credit: Laura Gil

The sport/art/way of life of Downhill skateboarding is a pastime enjoyed around the globe. Organizations like the International Downhill Federation (IDF) organize races for skaters to tear up some of the fastest, wildest courses that our earth’s hills have to offer.

Original rider Max Vickers put our boards to the test under the most extreme high-speed conditions. Max is an IDF Board of Director and has competed across North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. He raced in the IDF Yuping Cup in China and the IDF Karera sa Lumban race in the Philippines on his OG Arbiter 36 and took 3rd place in both events. Vickers ranked #12 internationally and #5 in North America in the IDF 2016 rankings.
“The fastest I’ve ever gone was 67-70 mph at the Killington Downhill Throwdown. I reached top speed right before turning into a sharp left hairpin corner. It was exhilarating.”–Max Vickers
The simple design of Max’s OG Arbiter makes it an affordable downhill deck that’s perfect for racing, freeriding and pack runs with the whole gang. If you want to expand your downhill quiver with some fancy, functional concave, check out the Vecter 37. We drew inspiration from our famous DiamondDrop concave and carbon fiber Apex construction, then beefed up the Vecter with plies of maple to make the Vecter a sturdy downhill deck.

George Gomes blunt checking his Arbiter KT.
Photographer: Eduardo Estevez 

Whether you’re tucking down a run or hucking it into a slide, dig your toes into the corners of the Vecter’s concave to get comfortable going fast.

The Baffle 37 is a symmetrical topmount deck with effective rocker and flared wheel wells so you can carve and slide hard with your trucks as loose as you choose. The Baffle is a value-price downhill freeride deck with a broad effective foot platform that has a knack for busting out seamless 360 slides.If you’re looking for a board that’s more compact, the Maven 35 has a tight, effective platform and plenty of concave for no-frills responsive downhill riding.
Set up your downhill deck with Caliber II 44 degree trucks and a pair of Rad Advantages for stability and control on the hills or the race course.

Max Vickers and friends freeriding on the OG Arbiter 36.
Photo Credit: @graceschafstallphotography
and Street Skating
Modern, professional Park and Street Skating have reached unimaginable levels of technical skill. Skateboarding began as a past time for California surfers when the ocean was flat. Today, street skaters compete for thousands of dollars with jaw-dropping tricks in high-stakes contests.
Since the dawn of skateboarding’s existence, trick boards have come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Certain tail shapes are designed for different moves or rider preference. Sometimes, it seems that the symmetric popsicle deck’s rise to popularity over the past decade has nearly killed innovative deck shaping. Still, some skaters complain the standard popsicle-shaped deck doesn’t give their feet enough space to skate to the best of their ability. Others are looking for a better scoop on their kicktails for flip tricks.

If you’re looking for a bigger trick board with more foot room to land your tricks, search no further than the new Arbiter DK. Combine the flips and spins of freestyle with the ramps and obstacles of your local park or alleyway. The wide tail platform will give your feet plenty of room to get comfortable as you pop your way up curbs and over bumps, stumps, and stairs. Drop in at the transition section of your local skate park and take flight. Whether its slides on the hill or shuv-its off the stairset, the DK has got you covered.
We may market the Apex 34 as a beginner board for younger riders, but we’ll also let you in our best-kept secret – these boards are tre-flipping machines! The Apex’s Pumped-Up Kicktails are designed for big tricks, more flip and more rotations for your moves. The cutout kicks provide the perfect scoop for 360 shuvs and 360 flips, and the carbon fiber layer makes the Apex 34 light as a feather.
For freestyle goodness, assemble your Arbiter DK or Apex 34 with Paris V2 180 mm trucks or Independent 169mm trucks. Suit up with Radius Sata Ride wheels or Orangatang Skiffs and tear up your local skate spot with style.

If you need trick advice or board suggestions, hit up the OS Rider Support chat on our website! Shred on!

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