Letters to the Shreditor (March 2018)

Sam T., Australia: How often should I be cleaning my bearings?
Justin: Great question, bearings are an overlooked component in most setups! When you first get your new bearings, they will already be lubricated for you. You can just pop them in and you’ll be ready to roll. Deciding to clean or re-lubricate them comes down to personal preference and where you skate. I live in Florida and it rains a lot, my bearings will begin to rust quicker than most. Rust can be a tricky fix, but if you live in a dustier place, dry bearings can be fixed by simply applying more lubricant. I clean my bearings about every 6-8 months!

Of course, the build quality of your bearings plays a large role. Ceramic bearings are by far the most durable bearings out there, but you can’t can’t go wrong with more traditional bearings. I’ve had the best luck with Cell Prime bearings, they’re the best bang for your buck. I’ve been skating the same set for a year and a half and they’re still goin’ strong!

Dante F., Virginia: I’m 250lbs (113 kilos) and I don’t know what type of springs I should get for my S8 trucks. I still want to be able to carve a lot.
Donny: I would suggest trying out the white springs, they will fit your weight the best. Our completes come with our standard black springs; if you choose to upgrade your springs, you get the black springs as well as your upgraded color of choice. This way, you can test out the white springs as well as the standard black springs. If you would like, you can even mention in the Customer Comments section of your order that you would like the white springs installed in your trucks. Our warehouse shop hands have no problem setting up your complete for you, free of charge, and would be happy to install your white springs for you and send the black springs separately.

If you would like to try out the stock springs first, and install the white springs later, take a look at this super-helpful video from Brian Bishop that gives you everything you need to know about truck care and spring installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oppf4GNZ54Y. Carve up the streets!

Thanks for swinging by! If you have any questions of your own, send ’em over to [email protected] and we’ll answer them!
P.S. We also accept cute dog pictures.

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