Letters to the Shreditor (January 2018)

Daniel W., Maryland: I’m moving to a place with more hills and I want to get into downhill skating. What kind of wheels should I get?
Justin: Thanks for the question, Daniel. Sounds like you’re moving to a good place for skating, stoked for ya! Downhill wheels come in all shapes and sizes, but a few things set them apart from freeride wheels. In general, DH wheels have a wider contact patch, larger diameter, soft durometer, and square lips. All of these characteristics help the wheel maintain high roll speed and grip the pavement when taking corners.
We have a few solid options on our site: RAD Advantages, Blood Orange Alpines, and Volante Vantages are all great downhill wheels.

Quinn D., Florida: Hey Original, I started longboarding last year and I’m loving it. I started to learn more tricks but I can’t commit to doing anything down stairs or ledges, any tips?
Donny: Good question, Quinn! I advise that you start out small and work your way up! A three block stair set is a great size to begin learning. You are going to want to find a ledge or stair set with a long, smooth run-up, as well as smooth pavement for landing. I always jump down a new stair set first to get over my fear of falling. Once you are on your board, I cannot stress how important it is to push fast into a stair set or ledge! Solid pop is important for clearing ledges and stairs, but speed is most important. The faster you go, the more momentum you will have to get you over the gap. After you pop, lean forward when you are in the air to stay on your board. This will minimize your chances of falling backwards. Always wear your helmet; slide gloves and knee pads are also a good idea until you get the hang of things. Shred on!

Thanks for swinging by! If you have any questions of your own, send ’em over to [email protected] and we’ll answer them!
P.S. We also accept cute dog pictures.

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