Letters to the Shreditor (February 2018)

Kyle R., England: I’m into drop-down boards for downhill, do you have any recommendations?
Justin: We have several downhill boards that feature the drop design, my favorite would have to be the Vecter 37. Its concave is one of our most aggressive in the lineup and keeps you locked down when you’re zooming through a fast run. The drop increases your stability for downhill makes it easier to initiate slides. With all that in mind, the Vecter would get my vote for a drop-down board designed for DH!

Aiden H., Tennessee: Hey guys, I just got into longboarding and I’m scared to go fast. How long until you felt comfortable going really fast?
Donny: Hey, Aiden! I still get a little uncomfortable when going really fast. It’s healthy to be wary of steep roads! That being said, it took me a few months of speed-focused riding to get comfortable with fast downhill. You will want to start slow and work your way up in speed and hill size. The best way to conquer speed is to learn how to check and control it by sliding. Search YouTube for sliding tutorials and you will be able to slow yourself down on any hill when you feel you are going too fast. Every time you go down the hill, wait a little longer to initiate your shut-down (speed-depleting) slides to work on board control at higher speeds. You will almost certainly take a few good spills, so strap on your helmet and pads and enjoy the wind in your face!

Thanks for swinging by! If you have any questions of your own, send ’em over to [email protected] and we’ll answer them!
P.S. We also accept cute dog pictures.

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