Letters to the Shreditor (November 2017)

Nate D., California: How do y’all fly with your longboards?
Justin: Traveling with your board is never an exact science. That said, I’ll share what has worked best for me!
A big factor is the actual length of your board and whether or not it’s assembled. Longboards are much more conspicuous and bulky than skateboards are, so I always disassemble my board when I fly with it. I put my trucks/wheels in my bag and carry-on the deck. If you bring multiple decks, I recommend saran wrapping them together so it’s one big “item”.
Every board that I have flown with has fit in the overhead compartment, but double check the size of your plane’s compartment before you board! To be considerate, make sure the board is placed under any other bags in the overhead compartment. If it doesn’t fit, you can ask the flight attendants if they can store it in the front; this has worked for me.
While you can usually fly with your longboard for no extra fee, this isn’t always the case. Flight attendants and airport officials aren’t used to dealing with longboards and can give you hard time, particularly in smaller airports or foreign countries. Only one time, in France, was I forced to check in my boards as an extra “bag” and pay the appropriate fee. As skaters, I’m sure we can all relate to plans blowing up in our faces.
Overall, domestic flights and big airports give you the least trouble. If you stay friendly and make sure your gear is organized, you should be good to go. Safe travels and happy skating!

Mitchell M., Georgia: Dear Original, How do I make all A’s on my finals with nothing that exceeds minimal effort/motivation?
Donny: Finals are certainly a hot topic this time of year. To make all A’s on your exams, we suggest skating so fast that you break the space-time continuum (approximately 37 consecutive knee-to-chest big kid pushes). Skating at this high rate of speed will send you back in time two months, when you should have started studying for your finals the first time around.
Please, strap on a helmet before you embark. Time travel can be rougher on your body than pulling an all-nighter, so plan accordingly and bring some healthy snacks. Once you start to study, take a short skate break every few hours so you don’t get burned out! Just don’t get so sweaty that you can’t get right back to work. Good luck!

Thanks for swinging by! If you have any questions of your own, send ’em over to [email protected] and we’ll answer them!
P.S. We also accept cute dog pictures.

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