Letter To The Shreditor (May 2018)

Derek T., Connecticut: I don’t have a lot of people in my area who skate, how do I find more events near me!

Justin: Hey Derek, sorry to hear about your local skate scene! It looks like you’re based in the Northeast, there are a bunch of thriving longboard communities up there ripping the hills on the regular. I would look for local Facebook groups or YouTube channels to get an idea of where everyone is located and where they skate.

As far as events go, Central Mass 9 will be going down early this August! “CenMass” always attracts a huge crowd of all sorts of skaters, and the 3-day event is guaranteed to be a good time. You should definitely try to make it out, & come say what’s up to the Original team riders!


William R., United Kingdom: It seems like it’s always raining here. How can I skate without ruining my bearings?

Donny: The rainy season is rough. The snowy season is even worse. And sometimes, depending on your geographic location, the wet season is almost perpetual. If you have a shortage of indoor skateparks, my best advice is to get creative. Look for awnings over sidewalks, your homie’s garage, and abandoned buildings. Goof around with little freestyle maneuvers, & see how many you can cram into a small space.
If its high-speed hill action that you crave, invest in some course grip tape for extra grip in the rain. Harfang Wheels also redesigns downhill wheels with grooves on the contact patch that redirects water from underneath your wheel. This makes for much more traction on wet surfaces than the average smooth patch of urethane. In general, skating in the rain is dangerous and bad for your board’s lifespan, so rainskate sparingly. If you must go for a soggy skate, be sure to lube your bearings and dry off your board & trucks afterward to prevent rotting & rusting. Most importantly, wear a helmet & get ready to slip-n-slide!

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