Get To Know Nil Bellmunt

As one of our hardest freestyle shredders, Nil is an invaluable member of the Original Skateboards Team. We bet you don’t know jack about Nil, so catch up with the Apex Wizard himself as we dissect what makes him great!

Team Rider Stats:
Name: Nil Bellmunt
Hometown: Barcelona, España
Board of choice: Apex 37
Disciplines: Freestyle

1. Nil! You absolutely rip, man. Your flip trick consistency is nothing short of pro. When did you start skating?

-Thanks, man. I started skating with my father in the bowl at Marbella beach in Barcelona. My first longboard was a Sector 9. I used it to go from my house to school.

My father was about to buy me a skateboard, but I preferred the longboard because I could go really fast.

2. When did you pick up your first Apex?

-One day, a skate friend of mine showed me the Original website. After I saw the Apex, I saved up some cash to buy it and was not disappointed when I tried it.

3. MACBA is one of the world’s iconic skate spots. What’s your favorite MACBA feature?

-MACBA is a great spot to skate. The tile floor itself is very smooth and that helps you to land tricks.

4. Have you hit any tricks off the infamous MACBA 3 block?

-I just ollied it 😛

5. Do you go to Parc del Forum for the Extreme Barcelona boardercross?

-Of course, I have been the past 2 years. Every year, a lot of riders come from different countries to this contest. It’s a great opportunity to meet other riders and skate with them.

6. How do you skate Forum’s wave wall?

-It’s a crazy spot! You have to go pretty fast to not fall.

7. Barcelona is basically a massive skate park with civilian residents. What are your favorite skate spots in the iconic city?

-Forum, Sants, Barceloneta, Arc de Triomf, Bunkers, numancia, all of them are crazy but I got special love to Arc de Triomf because its the spot that I started at and where I learned to skate. 5 years ago I used to skate every day with friends, who now are doing other things. Click here to check out my first longboard video ever!

8. Do you go to Nevermind and skate? What’s it like shredding inside a Barcelona bar?

-Yes! That bar is awesome, it has a mini bowl inside. When I skate it with the Apex 37. skaters get surprised, and some also want to try and skate with my board.

9. Your pop shuv-it up the bank in EU Sessions 2 was sick. It’s always dope to celebrate with the gang after filming your ender trick! What’s your favorite memory from EU Sessions?

-Thanks, man! I was very excited to skate with the OS crew. I enjoyed the two days we skated in Barcelona. It was a shame I couldn’t make the rest of the trip.

10. Damn! That hippy jump to bench slam looked brutal! What happened after you fell? How is your knee now?

-Right after I hit my knee, I thought it was nothing, but 5 seconds later it started to bleed and then I was in a lot pain. I was honestly a bit scared because I couldn’t move my knee, but in 4 days I was fully recovered.

11. What is your signature trick?

-I think the tricks that define me best are manuals! I like to end tricks in a manual and do combo tricks into manual.

12. What is your hardest trick?

-I remember trying lot of hard tricks, but if I had to choose I think the hardest trick I ever did was a Fakie bigger spin to manual varial flip out. I landed it in Valencia during a trip. Check it out in my video, Bangers Only.

13. Do you ever do freeride sliding?

-I used to do freeride with some friends, but they stopped skating and I focus more n freestyle.

14. What are your plans for the future?

-I’ll finish my studies and skate in my free time. I also want to travel with friends and riders. I’m trying to go to as many longboard freestyle contests next year as I can.

15. Are you in school?

-Yes, Im getting a degree to make videogames.

16. Do you have any other hobbies besides skating?

-I also play Kendama, it’s a Japanese toy that requires precision and balance.

17. What is your most recent video?

-My most recent video is this:

18. Do you have any new video projects in the works? What tricks are you working on right now?

-Right now, I’m injured and resting to recover ASAP. When I recover, I want to record another freestyle video.

All right, Nil, thank you so much for the quick chat. Heal up, man! Can’t wait for more bangers. ¡Hasta pronto!

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