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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is a Graphic Blemished board?

    A: The graphic blemish sale is a discount that we offer our customers on boards that have been scratched from being moved around the warehouse in bulk or whose graphic did not transfer 100% perfectly when being applied. These are all still brand new, never before ridden boards, whose blemishes do not affect the performance or way the board rides. It simply saves you money on what will happen from riding it anyways. Most blems are hardly noticeable and can easily be concealed with a sticker.

  • Q: How much does shipping cost to ______??


    Shipping Costs: (Prices are in USD)

    U.S. – Free Domestic Shipping on orders $29 + >!

    Longboard Complete = 10-13 lbs  | Longboard Deck: 4-6 lbs |Medium Weight Item: 3-4 lbs | Light Weight Item: < 3 lbs

    Puerto Rico – Bulk Items: $15 / Medium Weight Item: $12 / Light-Weight: $10

    South/Central America (excluding Mexico)- Complete or Deck: $99 / Mid-Weight Item: $69/ Light-Weight Item: $20

    Mexico– Complete:$69 / Deck: $59 /Mid-weight Item: $49 / Light-Weight Item: $20

    Australia & New Zealand- Complete: $99 / Deck: $75 / Mid-weight Item: $59 / Light-Weight Item: $20

    Europe – Complete: $79 / Deck: $69 / Mid-weight Item: $59 / Light-Weight Item: $20

    Asia – Complete:$99 / Deck: $75 / Mid-weight Item: $69 / Light-Weight Item: $20

    Canada– Complete:$25 /Deck: $20 / Mid-weight Item: $15 / Light-Weight Item: $12

    Russia – Bulk Items:$99 / Mid-Weight Item: $49 / Light Weight Item: $10

    Caribbean – Complete: $79.00 / Deck: $59.00 / Mid-weight item: $49.00 / Light-Weight Item: $20.00

  • Q: Will you sponsor me?

    A: Getting a sponsorship takes a lot of hard work, dedication and the right mindset. If you are looking to become sponsored we ask that you please make a video of yourself riding and send it in. In the video include whatever you want, we just want to see your ability and potential. We will have the team manager respond back with any sponsorship possibilities, or with tips to help you improve for your next video.

    Things we would also like you to include in your email are:
    Name . Age . Time Riding . Location . Describe your riding style / future skating goals . Favorite board setup . Favorite trick / trick you are working on. Why Original . Youtube / Vimeo link(s) . Photos (if available) . Any personal comments.

    Take a look at our YouTube pages, all videos include sponsored riders and should give you an idea of what we expect.
    Original Skateboards – www.youtube.com/originalskateboards
    Rider Alliance – http://www.youtube.com/user/rideralliance

    Please send all inquiries to: [email protected]

  • Q: How can I become an official Original Skateboards dealer?

    A: Please contact us at [email protected] with your shop info such as: a website, social media page, location, business background and any rad info you’d like us to know, and we will hook you up with one of our sales reps!!

  • Q: How can I get free stickers?

    A: Please send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope and we will mail you stickers.
    Our address is:

    Original Skateboards
    24023 NE Shea Lane, Suite #211
    Wood Village, OR 97060

  • Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

    A: Most domestic shipments will take 2-5 business days to arrive. International orders going UPS generally take 5-9 business days for delivery. For international orders shipping USPS, expect to wait anywhere from 1-4 weeks for the arrival of your order as once the package leaves the U.S. it can be difficult to track.

  • Q: How can I track my order?

    A: Once your order has been shipped you will receive a confirmation email including the tracking number for your shipment. If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your order feel free to email us at [email protected]!

  • Q: What forms of payments are accepted?

    A: We accept payments by most major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discover). We now accept Paypal. We do not accept bank transfers checks or personal IOUs.

  • Q: What should I do if my order keeps getting declined?

    A:If you are declined due to an AVS Error – Please make sure that the billing address on your order matches the billing address that is registered on your credit card before trying to place the order again. If you are sure you have the correct billing information try contacting your bank to check up on their end, and regardless feel free to give us a call at 503-512-8279 or 1800-610-5579 to help get it sorted out quickly!

  • Q: What makes Original trucks so special?

    A:By using a patented single spring resistance mechanism Original trucks produce a unique, powerful, carving ride that is found no-where else. With a pair of our OS surf-inspired carving trucks, nothing will bring you closer to feeling of slashing sharp cuts and gnarly carves just like on some real breakers. OS trucks totally changed the game, to the point where even flat ground riding can be insanely entertaining!! Find out for yourself and SAVE YOUR SOUL.

Free U.S. Shipping On All Orders!! (Excludes PR)