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Choose Your Downhill & Speed Set Up

  • Board: Arbiter 36 Raven

  • Trucks: Bear Grizzly 181mm (Black)

  • Wheels: Blood Orange Alpine Series 73mm 80a

  • Bearings: Standard Abec 3

  • Grip: Full black grip tape

  • Board: Baffle 37

  • Trucks: Caliber II 184mm 50 degree (midnight satin red)

  • Wheels: Divine Road Rippers 70mm 78a White

  • Bearings: Cell Prime

  • Grip: Full Black Street Grip + RDVX (2 sheets of ultra-coarse grip)

  • Board:  Vecter 37 Beetle

  • Trucks: Paris 180mm Forged 43 Electro Colorway

  • Wheels: Blood Orange Alpine Series 73mm 80a (red core)

  • Bearings: Cell Ceramic

  • Grip: Full RDVX (4 sheets of ultra-coarse downhill grip tape)


Boards built for skating anything from the biggest hills in your neighborhood to the largest mountains in the world. These decks were built for speed with their stiff platforms and rigid concave to lock you in. Looking for something to do faster slides, bigger hills, and maybe even some racing? These are your flavor of choice.

How to choose

Although each of these setups will get you ready to start shredding the hills, each is slightly different. The budget option is great if you’re looking for a setup to get you started on your adventure of downhill skating. The upgraded set up is one step above with upgraded bearings and grip tape to keep you locked in and rolling quick. The tweaked out setup is top of the line with the carbon / fiberglass Vecter board, forged trucks for extra stability, and ceramic bearings – a dream setup for skating down hills.

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