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Choose Your Carving & Cruising Set Up

  • Board: Derringer 28

  • Trucks: Original S6 150mm

  • Wheels: Radius Sata Ride 65mm

  • Bearings: Standard Abec 3 

  • Grip: Pin Stripe

  • Board:  Derringer 33

  • Trucks: Original S6 150mm

  • Wheels: Orangatang Stimulis 70mm 83a (purple)

  • Bearings: Cell Prime

  • Grip: Clear (Transparent) Grip Tape

  • Board: Maple Pintail 46

  • Trucks: Original S10 250mm

  • Wheels: Orangatang 4president 70mm 83a Purple

  • Bearings: Cell Prime Bearings

  • Grip: Clear (Transparent) Grip


Have you ever wanted the feeling of slashing a wave on a surfboard or carving down a mountain on a snowboard translated to the streets? If so, these longboards are for you. Each offer an effective shape for cruising asphalt waves and, being paired with our Original spring trucks, create a fluid carving feel.

How to choose

Similar in function but differences in feel. The Derringer 28 Maple Complete is the deal of the century. Our throwback graphic board paired with all of the right components to get you slashing the sidewalk for a low price of $129. The skrilla friendly setup features our fiberglass/maple Derringer 28 board and has some upgrades in terms of components used. The upgraded option is a great one for those looking to carve bigger and faster. The Pintail 40” board is a bit more stable than the others and is perfect for those longer distance rides.

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