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Choose Your Beginner & Learning Set Up

  • Board: Bamboo Pintail 37

  • Trucks: Original S8 Carving

  • Wheels: Radius Sata Ride 65mm

  • Bearings: Cell Select

  • Grip: Pin Stripe

  • Board: Drop Freeride 41 V2

  • Trucks: Caliber II 184mm 50 degree

  • Wheels: Divine Road Rippers 70mm 78a (white)

  • Bearings: Cell Prime

  • Grip: Laser cut

  • Board: Apex 37 Double Concave

  • Trucks: Paris V2 50 Degree (candy blue)

  • Wheels: These 69.5mm 80a (green hub)

  • Bearings: Cell Prime

  • Grip: Laser cut


These boards are best for individuals looking for a comfortable ride to learn the basics and begin their longboarding adventure. Great for beginners or intermediate riders, these are our most popular selections for learning the fundamentals.

How to Choose

To each their own, every one of these shred vessels has slightly different attributes but each acts as a solid board for learning the basics. The Budget is best for those looking to cruise and carve but want an affordable entry level setup. The Happy Camper is quite different with the boards stiff dropped platform. It is rock solid and lower to the ground making stability and pushing a breeze. Lastly, the Stoked Out is an all around skating machine. The setup offers a comfortable platform for learning but the board is also very versatile in terms of tricks and sliding if you have interest in progressing your skating even further along the way.

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