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About us

At Original Skateboards we see longboarding differently. From the trucks out, we’ve developed a customizable longboard system that allows us to ride as we have always wanted to ride. Freestyle, Freeride, Downhill, Dancing, Cruising, or Carving. Original has a longboard setup that will get you dialed into the best possible longboarding experience. Whether you setup your board to be a jack of all trades or want to build out a quiver of longboards each custom fit for it’s own unique style of longboarding, Original has you covered.

The system.

We know that a longboard is so much more than just a big skateboard. For that reason when Original began, we knew that using nothing more than oversized traditional skateboard trucks and boards, while hoping for a different result, would never get us where we wanted to go. Years of sustained product development on all components of the traditional skateboard has resulted in a lineup of boards, trucks, wheels, and bearings that deliver above and beyond in every regard.

Longboarding for longboarding.

We rank longboarding alongside all the board sports we love and we are as committed to longboarding as a sport as we are to our incredible lineup of longboards, and riders. If you have ever wondered what longboarding is all about and how to get involved, we wholeheartedly welcome you to the fold and will do everything we can to get you started with the best possible longboard setup. Our help chat is staffed exclusively by our riders who know our longboards and the products intimately. We ride the very boards you’re checking out, and we’re here to help, so hit us up with any questions you might have!

Anywhere in the World.

We continue to pride ourselves on the unique functional design of our longboards and products. Longboards that allow our riders to explore and express; longboards that force the wind into our faces, challenge the trick or the jump, and beg to be ridden in this beautiful world we are all a part of, ridden any way you want to ride it them.

How it Started.

We had humble beginnings on the hills behind the house, a garage band of friends and family hanging in the sunset cruising and cursing, figuring and designing, building and growing. Founded in 2002 by Brad and Scott Imbrie. Funded by their would-have-been college funds Brad and Scott began selling longboards shortly after Scott’s 20th birthday, while Brad was just 17. With a lot of hard work, years of travel away from home, a good deal of luck and the support of family and friends, Original longboards are now distributed in surf, skate and snowboard shops around the world.


We want to take this moment to thank all of our co-creators of a better dream. Don’t stop. We want to invite each of you who visits our site to join with us; to try our rides and to be curious about what you can do with them, how to make them better, more sexy, or just plain more durable. We want you to be a part of Original, and to help us push the sport of longboarding into the future.

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