About the Original S10 Trucks
Original S10 longboard trucks pack the carving power you need to take out the biggest hills in the world. As a bigger guy, or a little guy facing big terrain, the S10s will carry your carves and give you the skateboard confidence you need to take it to the big stuff. No other longboard truck sports such a wide hanger along with such a tight turning radius, feel the differnce the worlds widest carving trucks can make to your longboarding.
Is your longboard compatible?

Original longboard trucks are designed to out perform and carve in ways never before possible. One of the keys to this carving concoction is the largest degree boardlean found anywhere in the longboard industry.

We knew that without that boardlean we would be left with more of the same, after all, there is no limit on how far over you can lean your surfboard or snowboard. While unlimited boardlean is impossible on a skateboard, we were able to squeeze every last degree into the Original S-Series trucks.

Armed with that boardlean and combined with the quick snappy return to center generated by our patented spring-loaded resistance, Original trucks will take your longboard carving to the next level... but your board better be ready for it.

As one longboarder famously said; "You are one step from catching wheelbite and going home." With the full force (over 1200Lbs) of every carve torquing your trucks, wheels and board toward each other, you need to be sure your wheels can never touch the bottom of your deck. For that reason we have developed a video to walk you through measuring your longboard and using those measurements to choose the right Original longboard trucks for you.
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Customize your Original S10 (250mm) Longboard Trucks

We have developed three longboard truck sizes, each to hit a specific rider / riding type. Similarly we have also developed three different tension springs to expand our riding possibilities. Each truck size and spring tension has a completely different feel.

We recommend that heavier riders (160 Lbs and over) as well as riders who have a lot of longboarding experience on traditional longboard trucks (randal, paris etc) go for the wider sizes of Originals (S8 200mm or S10 250mm) and for the heavier tension spring options.

Lighter riders (less than 160Lbs), beginners (who will enjoy the ease of turning) and riders who surf, and want a more surfy ride, may want to lean towards the mid or small sized hangers and the lighter tension springs.

Additional Hardware and Parts