Choose your Resistance
While every rider is different, most riders will have the most fun on the "Standard" Black resistance springs for Original Longboard trucks. The Standard Black springs offer the widest range of adjustment and were the springs Original trucks were originally designed to work with.

That being said, there is only so much resistance the standard spring can generate. You should only tighten your Original longboard trucks to the point where the top of the white WaveCam (plastic piece in the back of the truck) is flush with the top the metal tube that holds it.

If you like your trucks tighter than that, if you are coming from traditional longboard trucks (bushing resistance or dual spring resistance) or if you feel like you need more snap back to center out of the box, definitely try out a set of heavier tension springs; either in red (medium) or white (heavy) tensions.
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Red (Medium) Tension Springs for Original Longboard Trucks

We have developed three longboard truck sizes, each to hit a specific rider / riding type. Similarly we have also developed three different tension springs to expand our riding possibilities. Each truck size and spring tension has a completely different feel.

We recommend that heavier riders (160 Lbs and over) as well as riders who have a lot of longboarding experience on traditional longboard trucks (randal, paris etc) go for the wider sizes of Originals (S8 200mm or S10 250mm) and for the heavier tension spring options.

Lighter riders (less than 160Lbs), beginners (who will enjoy the ease of turning) and riders who surf, and want a more surfy ride, may want to lean towards the mid or small sized hangers and the lighter tension springs.

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