True blue standard.
Loaded up down and dirty the Standard Pintail 37 is a great starter setup that gives you everything you need to progress from Beginner to Intermediate.
Standard Config;
  • Kryptonics Classic 70mm x 78a Wheels Choose
  • Original S8 (200mm Trucks) Choose
  • Abec 3 Speedlubed Bearings Choose
Premium Performance.
The premium Pintail 37 is ready for anything with wheels and bearings providing increased speed and grip for advanced riders looking for an extra edge.
Premium Config (shown);
  • Retro ZigZags 70mm x 78a Wheels Choose
  • Original S8 (200mm) Longboard Trucks Choose
  • Bones Super Reds Bearings Choose
About the Pintail 37 Longboard
The Pintail 37 is designed to furnish performance based riding with a simple shape and elegant wood construction. Shorter in length and thinner with dropped to the deck Original S8, 200mm, carving trucks, the Pintail 37 is easy to control. While it’s ideal for small riders or newbies it can be outright dangerous in the right hands. To top it off, it’s finished with art by acclaimed surf artist, Jay Alders and is offered at a price that would make Scrooge smile.
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How it Rides
Stepping onto a longboard should feel comforting like the smell of mothers cooking, hot chocolate, and a warm wood stove in winter. That’s just the vibe this mellow pintail emits with every ounce of its carefree, cruise anywhere, “I’ll always be there when you need me”, attitude.
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  • The pintail37 Longboard
  • The pintail37 Longboard

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Watch the Pintail 37 Longboard video and get all the info from the Original riders and designers.