About the Pintail 46 Longboard
Ousting the former big boy of the Original lineup, the Pintail 46 comes in 2 inches longer then the Custom 44. Designed on the classic Pintail shape and featuring art by acclaimed surf artist, Jay Alders, the 46 boosts big hill performance by combining the widest Original trucks and a stiff 9 ply deck for an uber-stable ride. The result is a longboard designed for the steepest hills or mellow flatland carves. Just make sure your ready when you step into the ring, the Pintail 46 goes in swinging.
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How it Rides
It rides big and it rides powerful when you need it to step up and carry you through a tight squeeze. It lives a mellow life on the flats where it seconds as a dancer and beach cruiser. In the end, the Pintail 46 is a Jack of all trades, but truly excels when the big hills and steeps come calling.
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