About the Pintail 43 Longboard
Dropped low, like the Apex 34 and Apex 37, the Pintail 43 is a plate special with all the fixins to satiate your longboard hunger. This tasty delicacy is 43 inches of medium rare satisfaction served with a slight concave and the finest graphic au jus (with art by acclaimed surf artist Jay Alders) to slay even the wildest longboarder cravings. Beginner through advanced, grab a Pintail 43 and bite into more-better performance.
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How it Rides
Hop on the Pintail 43 the next time you hit your local bowl. Don’t let its size fool you. This board can rip around a pool in style. With extra length to spread your stance for sliding and slashing, you’ll be kissing the coping with ease.
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