True blue standard.
The Hybrid brings surf skating to the streets in a tight longboard package. The Hybrid standard if you rip in the water, or plan on it at some point, the Hybrid is a great way to get your turns in onland. Flat spells be damned.
Standard Config;
  • Original S6 (150mm) longboard trucks Choose
  • Kryptonics 65mm 78a (Clear) wheels Choose
  • Abec 3 (Speedlubed) bearings Choose
Premium Performance.
If you surf with power, and want to ride with power on land, upgrade to the Hybrid premium longboard config. Super quick Abec 11 70mm Grippins and Cell Swiss longboard bearings will make sure you can pump your way to and from your local break while Original S8 (200mm) longboard trucks will grip through the epic slashings you certain to dish out.
Premium Config;
  • Original S8 (200mm) longboard trucks Choose
  • Abec 11 70mm 78a (Abec Green) wheels Choose
  • Cell Swiss (Black V1) bearings Choose
About the Hybrid 35 Longboard
If you are looking for a surf inspired longboard, the Hybrid aims high and delivers a true agressive surf simulation packed into a longboard skateboard package. Using a super tight turning radius, the Hybrid lets you practice your cutbacks, airs and overall balance on land via longboard so that when you hit the water, you don't miss a beat, or a wave.
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How it Rides
The Hybrid will distribute brutal longboard slashings to your local parks, bowls and driveways. Drive forward, cutback and take your surfing up to the next level on a longboard that was designed by surfers (who actually surf) to feel like your surfboard.
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Customize your Hybrid 35 Longboard

Choose the best of the best longboard components and build your dream board.
Longboard Trucks:
Longboard Wheels:
Longboard Bearings:
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Learn more about the Hybrid 35 Longboard

Watch the Hybrid 35 Longboard video and get all the info from the Original riders and designers.
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