The Apex 37 DoubleConcave

The innovative inspiration that continues to push forward the Apex longboard line has found a new home in the Apex 37 DoubleConcave. After the release of the classic Apex 37 in 2011, we felt inspired by the ground our new construction technologies covered, but we also felt driven to dig deeper into all of the uncharted territory we discovered while riding and designing. We upgraded the Apex line by improving core laminates and adjusting the directional CNC’d fiber flex patterns. The CNC’d fiber connections allows the board to have the flex necessary to ease trick initiation, but the flex resistance to stomp big tricks and airs without bottoming out or scraping the pavement. Flex: only when you need it, never when you don’t. The Apex 37 DoubleConcave is the pinnacle of versatility marrying the well loved and well ridden size of the Apex 37, plus 0.75 inches, with the radical new technologies of the Apex line. The locked in comfort, created by a 0.25 inch micro drop, seals this sweet deal. To push forward our freestyle riding, the Apex 37 DoubleConcave is almost as wide as the Apex 40 DoubleConcave, but it has substantially more concave depth. The 40 degree gas pedals add extra spice to keep you sliding for days, and if that weren’t enough, the 37.75 inch size of this longboard is great for smaller riders and those with a slightly less monstrous stance. To add length, pop, and durability, freestyle riders can kick this board up by adding PK Noseguards, which protect and elongate your ride. Let comfortable performance continue to re-revolutionize your longboarding.

Recommended RideFocus
No board does it all, check your height vs the Apex 37 DC's recommended ridefocus;
  • Rider Height >= 5ft9in): Freeride 40%; Freestyle 60%
  • Rider Height <= 5ft8in): Freeride 55%; Freestyle 45%

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