The Apex 34 AvRockerConcave

The Apex 34 AvRockerConcave delivers big board performance that is just right for those shorter riders who’s style can be hampered by riding a deck that is simply too long for them. Cruise, carve, slide and freestyle on one board, designed for, and perfectly scaled to, the needs of smaller, younger, longboarders. While some larger riders may choose to add the Apex 34 to their quiver as a freestyle / performance longboard mini, it was truly designed to bring the performance taller / older riders see in the Apex 37 and Apex 40 to smaller riders pursuing the same freestyle freeride style.

The Apex 34 sports the same quad-axial fiberglass combination as the Apex 37 and uses the same three layer carbon reinforcement bar. That carbon bar combined with the new PK noseguards make the Apex 34 (and its Apex 37 / Apex 40 cousins) our strongest, longest lasting deck of all time. The Apex 34 AvRockerConcave comes in at 34.75 inches long by 9.25 inches wide, and significant 0.6’’ width increase over the previous 8.7’’ wide Apex 34 limited. Rocker-wedging and more kick (0.125 inch increase over the DoubleConcave) make the AvRockerConcave Apex 34 with ideal choice for young riders blending freestyle and freeride in areas with more hills than mountains and more parking garages than canyon runs.

Recommended RideFocus
No board does it all, check your height vs the Apex 34 AvRC's recommended ridefocus;
  • Rider Height >= 5ft9in): Freeride 20%; Freestyle 80%
  • Rider Height <= 5ft8in): Freeride 40%; Freestyle 60%

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